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Good food made with heart and soul can turn a person’s life around in so many ways.

YumboRama! founder and owner Richard Vidler

GREAT VALUE: YumboRamas’ menu is extensive and covers everything from hand-made pies and sausage rolls to a slow-roast lamb baked dinner, with many rice and pasta dishes also included.

For the past three years, YumboRama! has provided customers in the Newcastle, Hunter, Lake Macquarie, Central Coast and Port Stephens regions with hearty and healthy, quality, home-style, heat-and-eat meals conveniently delivered to your door, freshly made at YumboRama’s commercial kitchen premises in Broadmeadow .

YumboRama! founder and owner Richard Vidler launched the business in November 2019.

Meals are delivered both chilled and frozen, depending on the menu item, and packed the same day they are delivered to the customers’ door, later that afternoon.

Plus, there are salads and soups, sticky date pudding and ice creams. Everything is made by us, on-site, at our Newcastle kitchen.

“We are a local cottage business and everything we do is done with heart and soul,” Richard said. “Most heat and eat meal delivery companies are based in Sydney or interstate, and primarily they deliver frozen meals. Listening to our customers, we know that this is not what most people want.

“They much prefer a local, fresh, home-style approach, and when they call our phone number, it’s me, the owner on the end of the line.

“Unlike other meal delivery services, there are no lock-in contracts required.

“Ours is not a model where you must commit to months worth of meals. It really is a case of simply ordering your Yumbo, if and when you need some.”

Meals can be ordered online or over the phone, making YumboRama! easily accessible for all.

“You don’t need to be home to receive the order either, with meals delivered in chilled and insulated bags,” Richard said.

“We don’t use preservatives or vacuum pack our products to make them last longer. Our delivery radius is all within 90 minutes from our base in Broadmeadow and we deliver everything ourselves.

“It is from our kitchen to your door, all in the same day. Again, it comes back to offering personalized service the old-fashioned way. The kind of service that came with corner shop customer care.

“As a local boy growing up in Waratah, I remember what it was like having corner stores, and I like to think we bring much of that sentiment and care, to what we do.”

Yumborama! is also focused on offering great value to costumes.

A home-style lamb baked dinner can be delivered to your door for as little as $12.50.

With My Aged Care or NDIS funding, most meals will only cost the recipient from $3 to $5 once the 70% meal subsidy is applied.

When asked what he enjoys most about working within the local community, Richard says it’s “the interaction with our customers”.

“The friendships we can build, and knowing we make a difference to many people’s lives,” Richard continued.

“Food is fundamental, and good food made with heart and soul can turn a person’s life around in so many ways.”

To order, phone 045 2190 470 or visit www.yumborama.com

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