YouTube’s new program launch, increase YouTube subscribers for free, earn more than jobs

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New Delhi. YouTube Nextupclass of 2022: YouTube has launched a new program “NextupClass of 2022”. This program is especially for those people who like to make videos on YouTube. Tips to increase youtube subscribers will be given in this program. You will be helped in this work by YouTube. Also, if needed, funding will also be offered from YouTube. In such a situation, users will have more opportunities to earn by making YouTube videos than work. If you love making videos and consider it your career, this program could be a great opportunity for you.

20 people were selected for this year
For this, Nextup 20 was announced by YouTube this year. In this around 20 content creators from different languages ​​like Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil and Santhali India have been selected. These content creators work in the fields of racing, arts and crafts, automotive, DIY, entertainment, farming, fashion and beauty, gaming, learning, lifestyle, technology and travel.

  • A three-week creator camp is organized for these 20 content creators to improve their skills, where they will be able to improve their content production skills, viewer targeting and channel.
  • This YouTube program will cover multiple content creation, scripting, content planning, production design, editing, community building, branding and monetization.

These content creators have been selected
Brothers and wood turners create hyper-realistic models

I regretted it
A couple who love challenges, fashion and sharing snippets of their lives

Perfect computer engineer
Simplify Computer Science and help students learn better

TheGeekIndia Vlogs
Live vicariously through vlogs about the best places to travel and eat

Mehak Puri
Bringing the sights and sounds of Japan to India

Investopedia India
An MBA and working professional day, financial educator on YouTube

Mukta Narvekar
Incorporate awareness and sustainability into travel

Hisi Urvashi Tudu
A beacon of preservation of Santhali dance and cultural traditions

Bring movie merchandise to life with 3D printing

The Sportztourer
An automotive engineer documenting his travel and cycling tips

An illustrator and storyteller who wants to inspire the artist in everyone
Priyanka Ghosh
Fashion and lifestyle content, with a side of parenting.

Paisa Pani
Finance made easy, in Marathi

The space for all your technical reviews in English

Krishivaani | Agronomist
A farmer and content creator who spreads useful information and tips about agriculture

Gurpreet Gaming
A multi format cricket game channel!

Anam Khan Siddique
Learn the ins and outs of freelancing and content writing

Mohammed Raj
Tamil Nadu
A veteran creator educating his audience on all things tech in Tamil

Bhawna Lunthi
Serving stylish fashion content from Dehradun

Design Decor Disha
Design your home and interiors through DIYs

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