Who is Sabrina Soto from Secret Celebrity Renovation? Interior designer all set to return to CBS’ renovation show

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Secret Celebrity Decoration Season 2 will air on Netflix on July 22, and Sabrina Soto, 46, has a creative wheel and dons her interior design hat. She previously appeared in the first season of the show.

When she’s not helping celebrities renovate their homes Secret Celebrity Decoration, Sabrina Soto is Target’s Home Furnishing Specialist and a LEED Certified Licensed Realtor. There are only 6,900 certified interior designers worldwide.

Secret Celebrity Decoration Will make celebrities from different fields shine. As part of the show, celebrities can secretly renovate someone’s house to show gratitude and love.

join in Secret Celebrity Decoration This year’s team is from Nischelle Turner entertainment tonight Rob Mariano, once again as host and previously as a celebrity on the show.

Beyond Sabrina Soto Secret Celebrity Decoration

Sabrina Soto is a first generation Cuban American with a net worth of $2 million. Soto’s passion for interior design was ignited while working with her mother in the decorating and home furnishing business.

This Secret Celebrity Decoration Designers are also known for their quirky designs and for combining luxury with budget. On her website, she quotes her mother, who said:

“Whether we have a dollar or a million, be proud of our home!”

Sabrina Soto is an interior designer, best-selling author and consultant.she is known as a host high/low item And a featured designer for HGTV.

She is also a mother who enjoys spending time with her daughter Olivia and treats her family with her second passion, cooking.

She rose to fame by hosting shows on TLC and MTV, as well as interviewing other celebrities and artists on Yahoo!’s web series.

Sabrina Soto’s achievements and entrepreneurial adventures

This Secret Celebrity Decoration The designer has a published book Sabrina Soto Home Design: A Layer-by-Layer Approach to Turning Your Ideas into a Dream Home Published by Wiley & Sons Canada in 2012.

Soto’s book describes it as follows:

“In Sabrina Soto Home Design, each chapter represents a decorative ‘layer’, such as color or furniture. By chapter, you’ll build the design components one by one.”

It goes on:

“This book contains useful and time-tested tips and shortcuts, like Sabrina’s featured on her TV show and website, and also shows you how to save money, time, and effort without sacrificing style.”

She has also appeared on several HGTV shows, including HGTV Green Homes, White House Christmas, For Sale, Real Estate Intervention and HGTV Showdown. She has also appeared in publications such as time magazineUSA Today, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Daily News, Espanyol, Esquire and Latin magazines.

It’s the week before High Point Market and we’re obsessed with this virtual lounge @sabrinasoto Designed for Martha Stewart Living’s April issue! Check out Sabrina’s rugs in our showroom at Market Square, Space 240, April 2-6. #Interior design #hpmkt https://t.co/XoHQPM9lVf

This Secret Celebrity Decoration The design expert has her own Indoor/Outdoor Series and Casa series It features modern textures and patterns, from bold and geometric to soft and playful. Her designs are largely influenced by her everyday life.

She also streams weekly podcasts on iTunes, Google, Spotify, Stitcher, Pocketcast and Iheartradio.

Her website says:

“A candid, inspiring and candid conversation about life, growth, friendship and purpose with TV personality and designer Sabrina Soto and her many guests. Redesigning Life with Sabrina Soto, Motivation, truth and a little reminder of the weekly podcast you’re not alone. Because we can all use redesign sometimes.

In addition to being a lifestyle expert, TV personality, interior designer and real estate agent, Soto also has her own blog where she talks about her DIY projects and recipes. She also shares home decor tips and setups on her Instagram page.


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