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So you want to embark on a decorating journey to improve the rooms of your home and have looked at the various beautifying effects that can bring an exciting, unusual feel to the interior atmosphere.

There are so many design features to choose from out there, and countless areas they can be applied to, so many that you might not know where to start.

Let’s start with those bare, expressionless walls. Let’s give them meaning so they can produce their own statement, your statement! From floor to ceiling, your entire walls will come alive when you customize them with realistic photo motifs. These murals mark your home’s entry into murals where you can personalize and tell your own story.

Wall after wall is brought into captivating focus in your home, filled with unprecedented possibilities, adding multidimensional elements to your living space. But what are we really talking about here?

a wallpaper like no other! Not what you have seen or heard of, and yet it has been around for many years. These unique, surreal images are from full-size photography, real photos at very high resolution that add a sense of realism to your interior – and it can be anywhere. On the moon, on a beach front, in the mountains by a river, in the middle of a small town square, or anywhere you’ve ever dreamed of being. Imagination is your only limit. So the technology that gave birth to these high-quality prints allows you to choose from photos in a variety of picturesque settings, or even better, allows the option to use your pictures to decorate the interior walls of your bedrooms to design and transform, kitchen, living/dining areas, etc.

This fantastic digital design product is easy to install, has an adhesive that sticks to the wall and has fireproof properties. It is easily removed after being put on; it is scratch resistant; boasts anti-bacterial properties; is eco-friendly and designed for high humidity. It comes in two finishes (matte and vinyl) and can also wrap impressively around columns and cabinet doors.

Barry Rattray is a dream home designer and builder. Email feedback to [email protected] and [email protected]

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