Things you can purchase with BTC!

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Bitcoin has come a long way from being limited to trading and investing to being used to buy goods and services. Platforms like provide traders with the best features such as live clients, training for novice traders and accurate trading calls. Additionally, the range of goods and services that individuals can buy with BTC is skyrocketing every day as more and more companies announce that they will accept Bitcoin as payment.

Recent additions to the list of major companies that allow individuals to buy goods and services with bitcoin include Starbucks and Tesla. Here is a list of products that individuals can buy with BTC.

Key takeaways!

1. Individuals can buy BTC from anyone and everyone regardless of their identity, location and origin.

2. Bitcoin makes it easy for individuals to make purchases without the hassle of card payments or cash payments like using cash at grocery stores.

3. You just deposit some bitcoins in your wallet, go to the merchant website that sells the product you want to buy, and with the click of a button, you can pay for the goods or services you want!

4. Paying via Bitcoin is secure because it is protected by an online encryption technology called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

Something you can buy with BTC!

1. Electronics, gadgets and appliances, including computers, tablets and smartphones

2. Cars: From iconic brands like Tesla and BMW to lesser-known models you can buy with BTC

3. Groceries such as food, beverages and other fresh food

4. Books: Hard copies of books ranging from tablets to e-books or printed books

5. Artwork like painting to digital photo

6. Home decorations, including household essentials, furniture and lamps

7. Furniture such as mattresses, dining tables and chairs for all rooms in the home

Companies that accept Bitcoin!


The coffee giant recently announced that they will soon start accepting BTC payments. The company is partnering with Coin base to accept BTC as a payment method for its store. With more than 16,000 stores worldwide, this move by Starbucks will expand the Bitcoin ecosystem by leaps and bounds, bringing new users to the space.


Another major international company to announce that it will start accepting BTC payments is electric car maker Tesla. They announced the move via their official Twitter account when users asked if they would make purchases with BTC.


The popular online accommodation service has announced that they will accept BTC for rent payments; a move that has been welcomed by the entire community, as Airbnb allows individuals to rent out their homes or apartments for short or long-term discounts.

Goldman Sachs!

The CEO of Goldman Sachs, a prominent American restaurant company that also has an investment banking arm, announced via his Twitter account that he would accept BTC in exchange for paying or remunerating employees.


The world software giant has also joined the list of companies that accept Bitcoin as a payment method. They announced via their Twitter account that they will accept BTC for all purchases by individuals and businesses.


In July 2014, major e-commerce and payments company PayPal accepted BTC payments on its website. Coin base is a partner in the joint venture. The domain name of the Bitcoin payment gateway on their website was given to “”, which became effective in September 2014.


The e-commerce company, which began accepting bitcoin payments on its website in 2014, also announced via its Twitter account that they would accept BTC for all purchases on its website.

The Home Depot!

The American multinational grocery store announced that they will soon accept BTC for payment of their products and services. As a result, more than 80,000 employees are expected to receive BTC payments.

gift card!

Gyft is a company that sells gift cards online; you can use your Bitcoin to buy a gift card of your choice and use it as payment on Amazon, iTunes, Sephora, and more.

Toys R Us!

Toys R Us announced in September 2014 that they would accept BTC payments through their website. They also accept personal and business payments using PayPal. Bitcoin payments are processed through Coin base. So if you want to buy a toy with BTC, you can go to their website and choose the toy by paying with the “BTC” payment method.

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