These Frank Lloyd Wright-Designed Taliesin Lamps Are Asymmetric Masterpieces

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The enduring popularity of American architect and designer Frank Lloyd Wright seems to know no bounds, not only for the remarkable homes that he created but also for the objet d’art that the multidisciplinary designer was responsible for. The latest of these works that have been recreated is a collection of Taliesin lamps, made available thanks to the Japanese lighting brand Yamagiwa who worked directly with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation on the project.

Frank Lloyd Wright originally designed the lamps for his Taliesin house in Wisconsin, which wasn’t simply another architectural project but was in fact the location of his home, school and studio. Located on a palatial 800-acre estate, Taliesin house spans an impressive 37,000 square feet and includes a number of different buildings that reflect nearly every decade of Wright’s illustrious career, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2019.

The lamps all feature a similar design of rectangular wooden boxes attached to a central wooden stand, with the light bulbs hidden out of sight inside these boxes that have open tops and bottoms to allow the light to escape. The light is then reflected off a series of wooden reflectors, creating an indirect light source that is akin to the pervasive warmth of natural sunlight.

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According to Yamagiwa, Frank Lloyd Wright was, “impressed by nature, and thought sunlight and moonlight filtered through leaves and branches are most beautiful. Inspired by natural and organic light, he designed the lamp, capturing the filtered glow of light. “

Yamagiwa received permission from the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to recreate these asymmetric timber lamps and has produced two styles of desk lamp, as well as a larger floor lamp, all of which are available in either oak, cherry or walnut woods. There is also a black edition that is crafted from painted chestnut wood.

With a total of 12 different variations found in the set, the entire collection is currently available at the Yamagiwa site. It’s not often you get the chance to enjoy a piece of Frank Lloyd Wright in your home, so if you’ve been considering the warm affection of a wooden lamp, this might be the one for you.

Frank Lloyd Wright Taliesin Lamps
A wooden statue in front of a building
These Frank Lloyd Wright-Designed Taliesin Lamps Are Asymmetric Masterpieces

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