The Cottage From “The Holiday” Is Now Available For Booking

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Whether you’ve been hooking up with a new beau this holiday season or dealing with a romantic cold shoulder, holiday rom-coms always seem to find a way onto our screens (and into our hearts) this time of year. Maybe it’s the universal escape they offer – a sugar-cookie-sweet storyline for your bitter broken heart, or beautiful scenery for your dark, dreary winter nights. As Hallmark romcoms and old classics grace our cable channels in the coming months, you might even find yourself wishing you could transport yourself to your favorite holiday rom-com.

And, as the iconic English cottage from the 2006 film The holiday is your dream destination, then you are lucky. From the fall of 2023, you can stay in an almost exact replica of Cameron Diaz’s English getaway, the Rosehill Cottage. The best part? You don’t even have to trade houses with a fellow broken heart.

Lucy Small, of Georgia-based home design company State and Season, says she embarked on the mission to recreate the cottage after noticing overwhelming demand online. Although the exterior photos of Cameron Diaz’s English countryside getaway were taken IRL, the inside of the house doesn’t actually exist. Rather, it was built into a studio soundstage for the film.

Small chose to build the replica in the Atlanta area while maintaining a small-town feel. She worked with builders, architects and engineers to make the house as accurate as possible.

“When you stay there, I want you to feel like it’s an old cottage in the English countryside and Jude Law could knock on the door at any moment,” says Small.

Of course, some changes had to be made, both due to building codes and convenience. For example, Small opted for a 3-bedroom cottage instead of a 1-bedroom cottage as in the film. This change might be the perfect cue to turn your lonely heart getaway into a bonding weekend with your besties.

Nevertheless, Small has ensured that the cottage includes plenty of log fires, wooden beams, English pottery, a library, and of course enough English tea to keep you cozy throughout your stay. Unfortunately, Jude Law is not included. So, you’ll have to DIY your own love interest meet-cute.

According to Elite Daily, the 3-bedroom cottage will officially open on October 1, 2023, with bookings opening on December 1, 2022. Rates start at $290 per night. The added bonus of the nearby Georgia scenery is free.

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