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The best hotels in Spain are an eclectic mix that stretches from coast to coast – cities and islands as well. Spain has become one of the best countries to visit in the world, and listing its virtues may seem almost redundant, but let’s do it anyway.

With approximately 5,000 miles of coastline, each section has its own feel. The Mediterranean Sea has Catalonia’s Costa Brava, with its charming fishing villages and great restaurants; the beautiful pine-studded Balearic Islands, including the world-famous island of Ibiza, not to mention the volcanic and volcanic Atlantic Ocean. Nary Islands.

Add in a warm Latin culture, delicious produce and food, oh and great wine (though they don’t like to brag about it like the French do), and it’s no wonder tourists keep coming back to Spain.

With all of this in mind, it’s a competitive hotel scene, and both old dame and newcomers have a lot to do to stand out from the crowd. That means tourists are spoilt for choice, including beautiful, design-led hotels.

Here, we’ve put together a few to let you experience the eclectic hospitality scene, from peaceful farmhouses on working vineyards to ultra-chic digs in Barcelona. We dare you to read this article if you don’t want to book a trip right now!

The best hotels in Spain

1. Menorca Experiment

Whitewashed walls and feature vases


Paris arrives at the Menorca Experiment in the Balearic Islands, a beach hotel from the unstoppable experimental group of French hospitality pioneers.

Designed by the studio of Parisian Dorothée Meilichzon, the interiors combine vintage features, clean lines and witty details. It’s designed to make you feel as though you’re in an artist’s summer retreat, with artwork and graphic elements inspired by the ink paintings of Miró and Picasso.

More contemporary elements blend with traditional Menorcan elements and materials: stone and terracotta, wooden shutters, and even beams and tiles salvaged from former local farms.

Menorca Experimental Style Tips, Straw Cowboy Hat Wall

It’s all about the interesting details that characterize the experimental group

(Image credit: Karel Barras)

Tips for Experimental Style in Menorca, Hotel Arch

Prints inspired by sketches by Picasso and Miro

(Image credit: Karel Barras)

The building features elegant circles and semi-circles that create a sense of calm and harmony thanks to large arches in the rooms and bathrooms.

Colours are used to great effect, especially dim muted greens, pinks and deep oranges that make a pleasing splash on doors, floors and headboards.

Book accommodation Menorca experiment (opens in new tab). Rooms from $240.

2. Rockart hat

Beautiful hotel built on rock face with sea view

(Image credit: Cap Rocat)

This beautiful beach hotel is perched on a rock face within the shell of a former fortress.

It has its own beach with direct access to the sea, a private jetty and a saltwater swimming pool.

The historic buildings are put to good use and guests can still see the original drawbridge and sleep in the original shooting tower.

The suite has its own ocean-view terrace, stylish and comfortable decor, and a four-poster bed made up of fresh white linens and beautifully textured walls in neutrals. Vintage rugs and light fixtures complete the look.

Book accommodation Rockart hat (opens in new tab). Rooms from $500.

Cap Rocat Hotel Room with Four Poster Beds

(Image credit: Cap Rocat)

3. The Whitmore Hotel

Wetmore Hotel lobby

(Image credit: Whitmore)

This stylish hotel in Barcelona has a no-photography policy because they want guests to see the gorgeous interiors with their own eyes, not through the lens of an iPhone. An admirable idea!

Located in the creative Gothic Quarter, this design-led 22-room hotel bills itself as a cross between a speakeasy and a 19th-century literary salon. It’s just adults.

The bar/restaurant area has a stuffy vibe, with an English country club vibe thanks to the quirky wallpaper and funky lounge chairs.

The rooms are everything we could want from a hip millennial-oriented hotel (at least that’s what we’re getting at Vines), with a pared-down color palette and hints of ’70s retro style, like brightly patterned throw cushions and Angular light fixture.

The real money shots take place on the top floor, where the 360-degree terrace offers panoramic views of the city and sea.

Book accommodation Whitmore Hotels (opens in new tab). Rooms start at $312.

roof balcony

(Image credit: The Whitmore Hotel)

4. El Vicenç de la Mar

Sparkling blue sea and whitewashed modernist hotel buildings

(Image credit: Design Hotels)

Opening in 2022, this hotel in Mallorca is famous for its striking rooftop terrace (with one of the hotel’s many swimming pools) and a cocktail bar with views of the Sierra Tramuntana mountains (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Rise to fame.

Some rooms have pools and private hot tubs, and the penthouse suites have their own rooftop terrace and swimming pool.

The interior complements its surroundings, with brightly painted walls and a pop of aqua blue in the furniture. It’s classic Riviera fashion, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Book accommodation El Vicenç de la Mar (opens in new tab). Room from $340.

5. Mas de Torrent Hotel & Spa


(Image credit: Mas de torrent)

This renovated 18th-century Catalan farmhouse is a small but perfectly structured peaceful getaway on the Costa Brava.

The 39 rooms and suites are decorated in soothing whites and nudes with Egyptian cotton on the beds. The combination of rattan rugs on polished floors makes it feel like a very classy home away from home.

The huge spa is a highlight of the hotel, offering everything you could want and expect: massages and facials as well as yoga, pilates and meditation classes.

At the door, you’ll find the coast and plenty of vineyards to explore (and taste).

Book accommodation Mas de Torrent Hotel & Spa (opens in new tab). Rooms from $350.

Renovated farmhouse

The entire estate is housed in a renovated winemaker’s house

(Image credit: Mas de torrent)

6. Bikini Island and Mountain Hotel

A cheerful colourful hotel bedroom

The power of flowers lives on at this unique boutique hotel

(Image credit: Bikini Island Hotel)

The floral power of the seventies meets the digital nomadic fashion of the 21st century at this Mallorca boutique with sea and mountain views.

The vibrant colors of the design are courtesy of Armin Fischer, who filled the 1970s structure with neat features like rattan chairs and pop murals, and even a floral peace sign on the bottom of the pool.

Perfect for this California-style getaway, guests can hike local trails or take a yoga class.

Book accommodation Bikini Island and Mountain Hotels. (opens in new tab) Rooms from $340.

Cool and pleasant lounge with bright eclectic decor and sun-drenched

(Image credit: Design Hotels)

colorful outdoor stairs

(Image credit: Bikini Island Hotel)

7. Bionda

Stylish retro hotel lobby

Ingenious fusion of elements from different eras

(Image credit: La Bionda)

This eight-room boutique boutique is located in the village of Begur, in the province of Girona.

Opening in 2020, the hotel is housed in a 17th-century building that has been restored and remodeled by Barcelona-based Quintana Partners Studio. This sensitivity is sustainable, the original structure of the building has been respected and materials have been upgraded where possible. We love authentic details like the terracotta “tomette” style tiles and swooping vaulted ceilings.

Women come first here. Founded by former lawyer Carla Lloveras, the hotel has eight unique rooms dedicated to the great women of the 20th century. It’s a full vibe, and there’s even a curated Spotify playlist to accompany the stay. And the price point is easy to come by too!

Book accommodation Rabionda (opens in new tab). Rooms from $150.

Retro bed in cool hotel room

(Image credit: Hotel Biosa)

Paint the walls with vibrant artwork

Celebrating women at this specialty boutique hotel

(Image credit: La Bionda)

elegantly furnished table

(Image credit: La Bionda)

8. Toral Bank Hotel

Hotel Torralbenc bedroom, white walls and white bed linen

Trendy and peaceful getaway in Menorca

(Image credit: Erica Brunsey)

How would you like to be in Menorca’s most beautiful bay (or Callas) sipping cocktails at night in a bar carved into a cliff? It’s all on offer in this gorgeous vineyard hotel and more.

The exterior is the perfect mix of Menorcan heritage and modern luxury, and in the vast grounds of Toralbank you’ll find many original features such as the old stables and threshing floor.

The restaurant serves cuisine inspired by Menorcan and Basque traditions, which you can enjoy on the fantastic terrace, against a backdrop of bougainvillea, olive trees and lavender.

Book hotel accommodation Thoral Benz (opens in new tab) Rooms from $220.

Beautiful white building under blue sky

(Image credit: Torral Bank Hotel)

9. Mikasa Ibiza

Mikasa Ibiza

(Image credit: Mikasa Ibiza)

This small boutique hotel offers great views of Dalt Vila, Ibiza’s historic centre.

Cheerful plants are dotted throughout the property, setting the tone and colour palette for the nature-inspired bedrooms. We really liked the colorful rugs and rattan chairs.

The hotel restaurant is the best place to take in the view, blending hotel cuisine with its plant-based menu, which includes creative dishes such as smoked eggplant, tahini and pomegranate.

Book accommodation Mikasa Ibiza (opens in new tab). Rooms from $390.

Elegant modern hotel bedroom

Decor features local handicrafts and lots of fresh colors

(Image source: Mikasa)

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