The 8 Best Cooling Sheets to Help You Sleep Comfortably

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If you’re a hot sleeper, you know what it’s like to wake up at night and sweat profusely under a thick duvet or blanket. While it’s not exactly glamorous, it’s an annoying problem that affects many of us — especially during the warm summer months. The Sleep Foundation says the ideal sleep temperature for a good night’s sleep is 65 degrees Fahrenheit — which sounds great, until you have to pay exorbitant electricity bills. While you can certainly turn down the thermostat at night to make your space more comfortable, changing bedding may be a better (and less expensive) option. When shopping, look for cool sheets—they’re made from moisture-wicking materials that allow air to circulate more easily and keep you feeling as cool as a cucumber. Here, our editors have rounded up eight of their favorite sets of tried-and-true cooling sheets.

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These cool, crisp and breathable sheets are the perfect combination for summer. They feel like you’re sleeping in a 5-star hotel because they’re made from 100% long-staple cotton and have a luxurious yarn count of 270. These sheets have a matte finish and are available in over a dozen colors, so they can match the aesthetics of your home. We also love that these sheets come with “long” and “short” side tabs so you can make your bed easily.

French Blue Scallop Embroidered Sheet Set

This scalloped sheet set from Crane and Canopy is the epitome of luxury. The hand-embroidered sheets have a 400 thread count and are made from 100% sateen to keep you cool at night. One editor said: “I love that these bed sheet sets come in several other colours so you can change them up to suit your mood or design scheme. Their shell-inspired shapes and fun textures add tons of visuals to your bedroom taste.”

When it comes to cooling sheets from Brooklinen, we simply can’t choose a favorite. This set of sheets is made from 100% linen, made from European linen. It offers the same cooling benefits as the Classic Core Sheet Set, but with a more durable, “cool” look. “The slightly open weave of the linen lets air through, which is fantastic,” says one editor. “It makes my pillow extra cool,” she adds.

These cooling sheets are made from 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell and a special mesh weave for maximum breathability. You can buy the sheet set separately or choose this set, which also includes a lightweight and temperature-adjustable duvet cover.

Made from 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton, this lightweight sponge sheet set is a hot sleeper’s dream. We love that the top sheet is optional (you can buy it separately here) and that this set comes in eight classic and earth tones.

‘Regulator’ Bamboo Sheet

Made from the highest grade bamboo rayon, these tight sheets wick away moisture and reduce humidity, keeping you as cool as a cucumber. One editor said: “I was immediately drawn to these sheets because they were so soft to the touch. Once they were on my bed, they were very light in summer and as soft as I initially thought. They can be warm-weather Sleeping at night is more comfortable and I also really appreciate the tabs in the corners of the sheets, it makes it easier to put on the bed.”

Made of 100% viscose and bamboo, this breathable sheet set is super light and breathable. These cooling sheets are super soft and cool to the touch, perfect for a hot pillow.

Made from 45% Tencel® lyocell, 35% nylon, and 20% cotton, Nollapelli’s Signature Sheet Set is super soft and cool (not to mention, super easy to wash and care for).

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