Sherri Shepherd Refuses to Use ‘Purple’ Set Decor on Her New Talk Show

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Sherri Shepherd guest hosting the “Wendy Williams Show”

*Sherri Shepherd is gearing up for her daytime talk show debut this fall and she’s speaking out about the design of her new show’s set.

Shepherd says her favorite color purple was “out of the question” for the set decor as it is the same color used by predecessor Wendy Williams on her now-cancelled talk show. Williams was known for her iconic purple chair.

“Purple was out of the question,” she said during a virtual press conference Tuesday, Page Six reports. “I love everything. … It was a collaboration.”

Shepherd told attendees that her set is “vibrant,” and will differ from “The Wendy Williams Show” in terms of color, per the report.

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Shepherd’s new daytime talk show, simply titled “Sherri,” is replacing the “Wendy Williams Show.” In a promo clip, she promises to take viewers “on every step of this journey… behind the scenes, on the road, in the studio, rehearsals, interviews and so much more,” Shepherd said, as reported previously by Page Six.

Her new daytime talker is presented as a “comedic take on entertainment and pop culture,” according to the report. The production company behind “The Wendy Williams Show,” Debmar-Mercury, is producing Shepherd’s show.

“I’ve always dreamed about this,” Shepherd previously told PEOPLE about having her own talk show. “I always wanted something where I could make people laugh, that’s always been my ‘why,’ to make people feel good.”

Shepherd served as one of several rotating celebrity guest hosts of the “Wendy Williams Show” during Wendy’s health-related hiatus, which ultimately led to the cancellation of her beloved daytime talker.

“For me it’s got to be fun, escapism,” Shepherd added. “If you’re a mother, specifically a Black mother like me, there’s something that’s always making you scared. Now they’re taking away women’s rights, it’s always something. And I feel like people want to turn on the TV and not have to think about all that. I just want to see something that’s going to make me smile and make me laugh.”

“Sherri” premieres Sept. 12 in national syndication.

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