Sabai Furniture Review: Simple, Stunning, and Sustainable

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As a professional product tester, keeping the pulse of sustainable and ethical innovation is part of my job (and honestly, part of my personal ethos). Growing consumer sentiment and awareness of impending climate doom is driving demand for greener products.Beauty and personal hygiene products, home cleaning solutions, closed-loop apparel and ethical accessories, e-bikes and electric vehicles – a list of sustainable products (or at least seem sustainable) seems endless. My product launch inbox is living proof.

But the sofa? Or, more broadly, sustainable furniture? For full transparency, I never really thought about it. It makes sense – the recycled fabrics and ethically sourced materials used to make everything else can be used to make recliners and chairs. It just… never really crossed my mind.

So when I got a chance to try the Sabai Essential Loveseat ($1,095), my interest was immediately piqued. On the one hand, I need a new sofa, especially one that fits in a small space.Not so selfish, Sabai’s whole schtick resonates with me: sustainable, affordable custom popular furniture? Count me in.

Sabai, Basic Loveseat – $1,095.00

Perfect for small spaces, this stylish loveseat comes in 10 different sustainable interior options. Choose your fabric color and material (recycled velvet or upcycled polyester), your leg options, and click “Add to Cart”.

Sabai Essential Loveseat: Honest Review


Four large, flat boxes containing my cute little sofa were delivered to my door four weeks after my order request. As someone who has cried many nights over IKEA’s instructions, I highly doubt this will be an easy build. Lo and behold, Sabai Essential Loveseat took me – no kidding – 20 minutes from start to finish. Everything is neatly packaged in just the right amount of packaging (aka no extra foam or plastic wrapping). The step-by-step instructions I downloaded are *actually* easy to follow. I poured myself a glass of wine and my loveseat was built before I could finish it. Move over, Geico, These Fragmentation is so easy that a caveman could do it.

look and feel

Aside from the simplicity, I immediately fell in love with the look of my new loveseat. All Sabai pieces are fully customizable, you can mix and match according to fabric type and color, leg shape and size. I opted for a sunny yellow recycled velvet paired with natural wood legs because I wanted to brighten up my space, but between rich jewel tones like emerald and navy and minimalist classics like white and grey The choice is not easy.

At only 62 inches long, it’s perfect for my small office and provides a comfortable space to write and rest when I need to get away from my desk. I absolutely love its vibrant shades and soft, velvety finish (just like my dog). Dress it up with a blanket and a few pillows and look like it was designed by an interior designer, minus the extravagant price tag.

WG Editorial Sabai Couch Review Inset
Photo: W+G Creative

Quality and Price Point

Speaking of luxury price tags…for custom furniture—especially responsibly sourced furniture—Sabai is pretty affordable. The availability of high-quality, earth-friendly products without a markup is what prompted co-founder and CEO Phantila Phataraprasit to launch the furniture brand in the first place.

“There is a gap between those who care [about the environment] Phataraprasit said. At Sabai, she explained that certain decisions were made to ensure that costs were kept low without compromising the aesthetics of the product itself. For example, these products are flat-packed and less expensive to ship than pre-assembled furniture, but they definitely don’t look like they came out of a box. The fabric is upcycled or made from recycled plastic bottles, but it looks like luxurious, expensive upholstery.

“It’s definitely a balancing act in terms of designing in a way that’s cost-effective and more affordable, but also making it well-designed so that you’re happy with the product… We’re absolutely delighted to get it to us price point,” she said.


Of course, there’s also the sustainability aspect, which is a staple of Sabai. Everything is carefully curated, from major components like supply chain partnerships and local sourcing to small details like downloadable paper and plastic-free shipping instructions. Responsibly made furniture that reduces long-term waste through closed-loop solutions – this is the brand’s compass.

Most notably these materials, which as I mentioned, are recycled, upcycled or responsibly sourced, primarily within 90 miles of Sabai’s production facility in High Point, North Carolina. But the devil is in the details — the brand is always looking for ways to up its game of goodwill with shoppers and the planet: Chemicals and glues are strategically chosen, and the use of household exhaust fumes is minimized. The wooden legs are FSC certified, while the foam inserts are rigorously tested for emissions. Even tiny, invisible details — like swapping synthetic webbing for jute and burlap — are factored in and have a big impact on sustainability grand plans.

“We’re constantly auditing our products to see where we can increase our use of more sustainable materials. New innovations are happening all the time, so it’s very necessary and beneficial to continue to focus on things rather than just focus on them. Like saying, ‘Oh, we’re done,'” Pataraprasit said.

The closed-loop factor is another huge selling point. Let’s say my dog ​​scratches the arm of the sofa – I could buy another arm through the brand’s “repair not replace” program instead of tossing this one completely. Maybe I want to turn my loveseat into a combo – the corner units sold by the brand allow me to expand, saving me (and my wallet) extra resources.Likewise, if I Do If I don’t like my little yellow sofa (unlikely), I can sell it back to the company for 20% of the original retail price through the Sabai Revive program.

“More than 12 million tons of furniture end up in landfills every year, so we’ve been looking at how to prevent that from the start, whether it’s through product design or projects like Revive,” Phataraprasit said. “We look at the entire life cycle of a product, and that’s how we differentiate ourselves.”

Simple, stunning and sustainable: Sabai is worth the money

Can you say I really like my Sabai sofa? !While writing this article, I racked my brains something It might be better for my little loveseat or brand in general, but I really think it’s worth it. Aside from aesthetics and comfort, the sustainability factor is its biggest selling point.I know my loveseat will last a lifetime if I want – yes Very Few out-of-the-box furniture can do this.

If you’re in a small space, I can’t recommend the loveseat. It’s the perfect length for offices, apartments, your “her shed” – whatever space you want. If you have extra room, opt for the Essential Loveseat Sectional ($1,1445) for extra legroom at rest. Or start with a loveseat and see where it goes, you can always expand it with the Repair Don’t Replace program or a matching Ottoman ($395). The possibilities are endless, for you, your wallet and the planet to enjoy.

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