Rosanna Pansino heading to The Container Store with her own collection

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Do you like the HBO series Baktopia? Are you a fan of Rosanna Pansino and her Nerdy Nummies? Do you want to rearrange your kitchen? Then this series is for you!

That’s right, our Baketopia Mistress most importantly (yes, I know that’s not a real word) is bringing organization into our lives! That’s because Pansino has teamed up with global home decor and organizing company iDesign to bring a very special collection of kitchen and home organizing products to The Container Store. We talk about everything from lidded mixing bowls to lidded turntables and storage containers. Basically, it’s an all-encompassing collection that will not only allow you to organize your home, but also give you style.

Considering we’ve seen Rosanna Pansino rock heels designed to look like cupcakes and ice cream cones, what we’re expecting is storage with style. Now does it look like cupcakes or some other dessert? Absolutely not. Instead, these pieces are sleek, stylish and perfect for organizing in and out of the kitchen.

Rosanna Pansino has her own organized collection at The Container Store

Rosanna Pansino has teamed up with iDesign to launch iDesign’s Rosanna Pansino Collection, available now exclusively at The Container Store.Image courtesy of The Container Store

The collection has 35 items to choose from to suit every kitchen and all your organisational needs. So what are we obsessing about with this new series?

First, we have to talk about refrigerator starter kits! I love that it offers different parts to keep your fruits and vegetables easily accessible in the fridge. It has a clear body, which means we know exactly what’s in each container, which is what we need to keep things moving around the kitchen.

I’m also fascinated by the Turntable Starter Kit, which allows you to store things like spices and oils in the cupboard, keeping everything together while also keeping them within easy reach. It’s like perfect for grabbing and accessing cabinets without creating a mess.

Another thing I need in my life is probably just the pantry starter kit as it actually gives us two turntables (which you can get in the turntable starter kit) and four large eco-friendly bins! This kit is the perfect way to start your kitchen organization journey.

While we love a lot of other items (in fact, I think I need the Office Organizer Starter Kit ASAP), we know it all depends on what your home needs.

What do foodies say? Are you going to check out Rosanna Pansino’s iDesign collection at The Container Store? Do you want to refresh your kitchen this summer?

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