Princess Charlotte’s ‘behaviour’ at funeral – why Kate Middleton was ‘scolded’ by Camilla

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Despite being known for their angelic manners, children in the Royal Family have been known to misbehave with one another from time to time. According to MyLondon, this exact thing happened at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

While the Wales children were taking part in a procession at Westminster’s Welling Arch, nine-year-old Prince George appeared to pinch his little sister, Princess Charlotte. Having felt her brother’s force, the Princess quite understandably, but much to the horror of those around her, yelped out in pain.

Some royals, such as Meghan Markle, reportedly saw the cute side of it. Others, like Queen Camilla, did not according to the publication.

As a result, Queen Camilla is rumored to have given the Princess of Wales a harsh stare and instructed the 40-year-old to “take her [daughter]”.

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George and Charlotte are used to appearing at royal events in public and are usually immaculately behaved.

However, back in March this year for the late Prince Philip’s Memorial Service, Kate was seen having to tell Princess Charlotte to “Shh” and quieten down.

Angela Karanja, a parenting expert and founder of Raising Remarkable Teenagers, spoke to about Kate’s great parenting at that moment.

She said: “I think what’s important is that Kate did not just correctly, (ie) tell Charlotte to ‘shh’ and be quiet at that pivotal moment, but she took time to connect!


“Sometimes some behavior needs to be addressed immediately, but it doesn’t need to turn nasty or embarrassing. Just a firm gesture is enough.”

Ms Karanja elaborated on why talking to children about their misbehavior is important to avoid “hurtful memories” and “trauma”.

She commented: “I’m not sure if they talked about the situation afterwards, but I usually advise parents on the importance of processing such experiences with children.

“This is because sometimes as much as we think we’ve done well as parents, children can make up crazy stories and retain this as hurtful memories and this is how trauma is stored in the body to later rear its ugly head in all sorts of ways.”

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