Pre-war apartment gets an elegant and modern open plan look

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This condo on Park Avenue on Manhattan’s Upper East Side in New York City started as several condos that were merged together. Designed by architect Emery Roth, the building’s apartments were built in 1925 and are highly sought after.this one, one of best house in the worldrecently renovated to transform a traditional Park Avenue apartment into a modern home for a family of five.

Thomas Morbitzer of Ammor Architecture describes it as “modern, classy, ​​warm and comfortable” (opens in new tab) The new style of the apartment is described, which is the result of the company’s collaboration with the owners of the apartment (a couple and three young children). The redesign took a very classic Upper East Side apartment with multiple rooms, separate kitchen, formal dining, living room and bedroom, laying out the central hallway and transforming it into something more contemporary.

“Much of what we do is reorganize the structure of the space to create expanses – or blur,” explains Thomas Morbitzer. “From the way the main living/dining room is combined into one volume, to other types of details like the long, spacious sofa in the playroom – or the main closet that used to have a lot of space – we made it into one. This A New York apartment that doesn’t feel cramped.

In fact, Morbitzer and his colleague at Ammor Architecture, Goil Amornvivat, have worked wonders in this field, confidently bringing it into the 21st century while still respecting its historical origins and character.


Kitchen with white cabinets and black worktops with view to dining space and gallery wall

(Image credit: Matt Dutile)

anyone seeking wisdom kitchen ideas Can’t help but be inspired by this streamlined space.

The Kitchen is designed by Ornare, a Brazilian cabinet company that features luxurious details. “What was important in this space was the new ambient lighting and dining area that made better use of the space and counter-height benches,” explains Goil Amornvivat.

Floors are large format grey porcelain from Roca. The counter is faux stone from Silestone.

breakfast corner

Breakfast table at end of kitchen with gallery wall and open shelving

(Image credit: Matt Dutile)

Perhaps the biggest sign of this apartment’s transformation into modern family living is the addition of a new breakfast nook to the kitchen space. With its clever gallery wall, it provides a cover for “casual”. In this Manhattan apartment, traditional elegance is maintained even as you sit on a custom bench for a quick bite!

formal dining room

Polished wood dining table with chandelier, dark rug on wood floor, grey cabinets and light dining chairs

(Image credit: Matt Dutile)

The dining room used to be a separate space and is now an open plan from the living room. restaurant ideas Includes expansive clear oak floors and custom cabinetry. “Providing an elegant space for extended family gatherings and everyday life is key,” explains Goil. Elegant chandeliers and contemporary artwork help reference the apartment’s traditional origins and new modern character, respectively.

living room

Living room with white sofa and ottoman, bright patterned rug on dark floor, fireplace, view to dining room and chandelier behind

(Image credit: Matt Dutile)

This view of the open living-dining room shows how the new drop ceiling provides even lighting to the enlarged space. It also hides a new sound system.

‘The ceiling crown has been removed and the curtain is now recessed into a pocket above the drop ceiling. In a very modern definition, Goil adds, no added trim adds to the expense of walls and ceilings.

living room ideas The open space includes a bright white sofa and ottoman to help accentuate the brighter look of the apartment, as well as a traditional rug that introduces colour, and Dolcezza fixed sheer curtains by EILITIS.

work from home

Home office with table and chairs and red sofa with open shelving

(Image credit: Matt Dutile)

anyone looking for home office ideas Feeling a pang of jealousy in this well-designed space. The office has a new pocket door from the living room and double pocket doors to the gallery. An inviting sofa adds extra luxury and comfort to the workspace.

“The room can be open or private,” explains Goil, “and features a partner desk so the couple can work together. It’s a custom jewelry box with white oak panels and wooden cabinets. We Creates a simple base for placing decorations.

toddler’s bedroom

pink bedroom with striped wallpaper and pink accessories

(Image credit: Matt Dutile)

If you’re looking for classic baby girl nursery ideas, this nursery might be just what you’re looking for. With its delicate pink and white striped wall coverings and custom cabinets. The same pink was used for the custom ensuite vanity.

big kid’s bedroom

bedroom with dark blue walls and wide striped bedspread and open shelves and windows

(Image credit: Matt Dutile)

The boys’ bedrooms have custom white cabinets that contrast with Holly Hunt’s dark denim wallpaper. Open shelves and a row of low cabinets under the windows help keep toys tidy.

Now that the work is done, what do the owners think about their redesigned space?

“The client is excited and very pleased with the new home. The house provides enough space to work and go to school from home while returning to ‘normal’,” said Goil Amornvivat of Ammor Architecture. “We feel comfortable with their commitment to modern design elements Very satisfied, these elements create a sense of order and balance, from the overall look to the individual elements and details. The contrast of colors makes the space feel brighter, accentuating artistic and personal elements.

design: Ammor Architects (opens in new tab)

Construction, Fittings and Custom Woodwork: Ana Maria G. De Vieira Santos (opens in new tab)

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