New Vancouver Interior Design Firm, Ark and Mason, Using Technology to Bring the Client’s Vision to Life

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Ark and Mason simplifies the design and build process, offering free 3D renderings of what the client can expect before construction

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, September 14, 2022 / — Ark and Mason, Vancouver’s newest interior design firm, is using technology to match client’s expectations even before it is hired to do the job.

The firm is comprised of an experienced team of 3D artists, creatives, technical specialists, leaders and innovators who specialize in interior design and project management and place people and community at the center of its values.

Ark and Mason places community over competition and has compassion for the people it serves. The Vancouver interior design firm was founded in community and the firm endeavors to serve the neighborhoods it works in by giving time to local volunteer efforts and donating resources to local nonprofits.

To put a twist on the conventional methods of interior design and build, Ark and Mason offers a free 3D rendering of what a commercial project can potentially look like. This helps potential business owners visualize what they can expect if they were to go ahead with the space.

Clients of Ark and Mason founder Whitney Nicole have hailed her for her work.

“We had the opportunity to work closely with Whitney for our brand-new, innovative office in downtown Vancouver. She created an efficient, collaborative, modern space that maintained the balance between utility and design. Overall, we had an extremely positive experience working with her team, as the communication between the teams was clear, concise and efficient. Most importantly, we were on time and on budget and their work exceeded our expectations,” said Leon Ng, owner and founder of LNG Studios.

Sabrina Allen, the owner and founder of Stone Fox Hair, said, “Ark and Mason will forever be my number one contact for any renovation and/or project management work I take on. Seriously, the best!”

The Ark and Mason principals’ experience includes offices, retail locations, recreational facilities and presale strata projects.

The commercial interior design firm believes design, project management and furniture all work in tandem, which is why Ark and Mason simplifies the renovation process by uniting these services. It can ensure projects move seamlessly and efficiently from one phase to the next and that no details are overlooked between departments. The firm looks for the most talented people who thrive on communication, collaboration and creativity.

Nicole describes interior design as both creative and technical. “We love to tell stories through design and will work with your brand and vision to create a space you absolutely love. We collaborate with our clients, our team of project managers, site superintendents and trades to design a space that is functional, within your budget and speaks to you. We include 3D visualizations in our design package so you can truly envision the space.”

Ark and Mason believe that project management is an extension of the design process. Project managers work directly with designers from the start, enabling the firm to stay true to budgets and hone in on construction details early. The goal is to make the construction process easy, stress free and enjoyable, as Ark and Mason values ​​transparency, organization and efficiency.

Ark and Mason partners directly with local furniture suppliers, which cuts out the middleman and helps keep clients’ costs lower.

Ark and Mason pursues connection by being people-based. One of its core tenants is keeping clients’ best interests in mind by striving to listen well and communicate even better. The commercial interior design firm strives to serve not only its customers, but employees and design trades as well.

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About Ark and Mason
We are a collective of creative minds who believe design and construction should offer more than an attractive, well-built space; we believe that stories can be told and experiences can be made. Impactful design and construction starts with the right team of people who hold the same values ​​and principles to help you realize your vision. We are a family of interior designers, project managers, furniture specialists and technology geeks committed to our clients and your project.


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