New Prostatefocus Genetic Screening Test from Oncologica; Identifying Men at Increased Risk of Developing Prostate Cancer

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1 July 2022, Cambridge, UK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oncologica, a leading genetic cancer and viral testing laboratory based in Cambridge, UK, has launched its new Prostatefocus cancer genetic screening test, which identifies men at increased risk of prostate cancer.

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The Prostatefocus genetic test provides quick access to genetic cancer screening to identify men at increased risk for prostate cancer. So why not avoid the lengthy NHS screening check-up waiting list and learn more about what your genes can tell you about your long-term health. (Photo: Business Wire)

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, with 50,000 people diagnosed with the disease in the UK each year. In the UK, one in eight men will develop prostate cancer in their lifetime, resulting in around 12,000 prostate cancer-related deaths each year, or 32 per day. Factors that increase the risk of prostate cancer include age (>40 years), whether your father or brother has prostate cancer, whether there is a family history of cancer in your family, or whether you are of Afro-Caribbean descent.

Prostate cancer is easier to treat when detected early, so screening tests can help identify individuals at high risk for the disease. Active preventive measures, such as lifestyle changes, regular check-ups and blood tests, can then be taken to reduce a person’s chance of developing life-threatening advanced prostate cancer in the future. The NHS breast screening programme, which runs more than 2 million tests a year, has been hugely successful in reducing breast cancer deaths by around 1,300 a year. However, there is no equivalent screening program associated with prostate cancer for men.

The lack of a prostate cancer screening programme in the UK to date reflects the lack of adequate technology available to perform such screening. The prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test, which detects proteins released from prostate cells into the bloodstream, is very useful to aid in diagnosis, but unfortunately, the test has been found to be insufficient as a screening tool. That’s because about three-quarters of men with elevated PSA levels don’t have prostate cancer, and some men with normal PSA levels do have prostate cancer.

However, with recent advances in cancer genetics and the recognition that a large proportion of men, especially those who develop life-threatening invasive prostate cancer at a relatively early age, can now identify the risk of prostate cancer screening The outlook has changed dramatically. The result is that they carry an inherited abnormal disease-causing gene. Interestingly, this family of inherited prostate genes is all involved in a process called DNA damage repair (DDR), which plays a key role in ensuring that DNA in cells remains healthy. Genetic abnormalities in any of these DDR genes predispose men to early, aggressive prostate cancer. Notably, men with defective DNA repair genes had half the survival rate of men with normal DDR genes. The new Prostatefocus genetic screening test analyzes these DDR genes from a simple saliva sample. Men who test positive can benefit from regular checkups, blood tests, and lifestyle precautions.

Dr. Marco Loddo, Co-Owner and Scientific Director of Oncologica, said: “Better treatments have improved survival from the disease, but accurate screening for prostate cancer has proven difficult. Prostate cancer tends to grow slowly without symptoms. , so men often develop advanced, incurable disease. Identifying men at high risk for prostate cancer means having regular checkups so that if the disease develops at some point in their life, it can be caught early.

The new Genetic Prostatefocus genetic screening test uses a simple saliva self-sample collection kit. The Prostatefocus test is available through Oncologica’s nationwide specialty healthcare providers who conduct a pre-test consultation to explain how the test works and how any results might affect you.

Oncologica’s healthcare partners issue self-test sample kits or arrange for clinical sample collection. Prostatefocus samples are returned to Oncologica’s UKAS accredited laboratory for genomic analysis, with results available within 7 days of receipt by the laboratory. The healthcare partner will schedule a post-test follow-up to discuss the results with you, if abnormalities are detected, the impact on prostate cancer risk, and next steps that can be taken.

The new Prostatefocus Genetic Cancer Screening Test can be ordered through Oncologica’s healthcare providers at

So why not avoid the lengthy NHS screening check-up waiting list and learn more about what your genes can tell you about your long-term health.

About Oncology

Oncologica is the world’s leading research laboratory for precision cancer medicine, infectious diseases and genomics. Our personalized DNA analysis is used to help determine the most appropriate targeted therapy for cancer patients as an alternative to chemotherapy. Our molecular testing capabilities span cancer screening, tumor DNA sequencing, Covid-19 mutation analysis and allergen testing, with more than 5 million genetic health tests performed over the past two years.

Oncologica’s comprehensive NGS DNA analysis correlates to targeted therapy, providing a detailed genomic blueprint that can optimize treatment options, improve health outcomes and help people avoid treatments that are unlikely to be beneficial. Oncologica’s contract research programs, clinical trials and diagnostic test validation platforms are focused on novel genomic therapy solutions. Personalized genomic data is helping patients and clinicians improve treatment outcomes and human health.

Oncologica UK Ltd, Suite 2, The Newnham Building, Chesterford Research Park, Cambridge UK CB10 1XL.

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