Moroccan theme-inspired wedding decor for a lavishing ceremony

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Do you want to tie the knot in the most lavish and royal way? Do you want your big-day decor to be fancily spruced up in a splendid theme? If yes, then Moroccan theme-inspired decor is something you should definitely consider. Colourful, printed textures, patterns and cozy hand-crafted accents stirred by Moroccan bravura bring a new-fangled flair to your wedding space. Don’t know what elements to use to bring a Moroccan theme to your wedding decor? Here are 5 ideas that will assist you to pull off a wedding theme inspired by Moroccan influences.

Offbeat blue and white seating

Because blue and white stand initially in the queue when it comes to Moroccan weddings, you can opt for this color scheme and deck your venue with the combination of this beautiful color for the luxury and royal hints all throughout the place. Accompany it with golden hints or cushions for an enhanced look. Vibrant satin drapes will look dead gorgeous with this stunning combo. You can also opt for white table vases and flowers of the same colors to make a great tabletop.

Brass and copper lanterns for the win

What is the first thing that pops to mind whenever you hear the word Moroccan? Isn’t it the intricate Aladdin lanterns? A lavish Moroccan theme-inspired wedding is incomplete without the fixtures of urbane metallic lanterns. You can hang some on the ceiling and can also opt for bluish-tinged floor lamps for a more lavish look.

Unusual lightning for the pretty effect

While the golden lights have been gaining center stage in the wedding venue, if you want some extraordinary tinges in your ceremony, then go for lavishing offbeat jewel-toned red blush or blue lighting to accent grandeur. This beautiful touch to lighting not only accentuates the mood but also brings a more intimate touch to their big day. Blend well with tea light or scented candles to bring a touch of whimsy.

Bold prints for the win

The Moroccan-style prints are the real show stoppers that can make your ceremony stand out. Their big, bold and rich patterns rightly represent magnificent vibes and can easily bring a sophisticated touch to the decor. The vibrant combo of hues like orange and blue and beautiful patterns affix a royal Arabic touch, making the ambience all glam and affluent. Make sure to opt for lively and energetic colors to uplift and hint smooth yet subtle senses to the decor. Chandeliers or ceiling lamps can also be incorporated for a little touch of sparkle.

Bold prints for the win

The striking rugs on rugs effect

The Moroccan style always features rugs on rugs to give a unique appearance and cozy feel that are equally soothing to your eyes and adds up to your guest’s comfort. It also sets the mood and affixes a welcoming vibe to your ceremony. To make the whole set-up offbeat, make sure that you opt for a varied layer of rugs ranging from different textures, patterns, and colors for creating an eclectic and stimulating Moroccan vibe. Moreover, accompany some cute and small pouffes to complete the whole look.

Add a pop culture to your D-day decor with these Moroccan styles and make your venue a haven that reflects positive vibes and a plush environment.

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