Mercedes evaluating whether Red Bull sidepod design would offer gains

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Mercedes is evaluating Red Bull’s sidepod design as it considers whether to stick to its unique “zeropod” concept.

Mercedes powerplant users Aston Martin and Williams have upgraded their cars at recent races, bringing them closer to Red Bull’s sidebox design.

However Mercedes’ technical director Mike Elliott said the apparent difference between the upper surface of their chassis and the championship leader doesn’t necessarily indicate why Red Bull’s car is faster than theirs.

“People look at the car, they look at the difference and think ‘that’s huge, that has to be a huge difference’,” Elliott said. “I think aerodynamicists will tell you that the really important parts are what’s under the floor, the wings and key aerodynamic structures. While the body helps make that happen, it’s not the defining feature.

“It was well known that the difficulty we did with the narrow side boxes meant you had a big cantilevered floor. Managing that and managing the stiffness of it was a challenge.

“I think we, probably like all teams, will evaluate what we have and we will look at what other people have done and figure out what we think is the right way forward. I think so far our goal is Generate as much understanding as possible as quickly as possible, and then figure out the right course of action from there.”

Even at the 10th race of the season, Elliott said, it was unclear which approach was the best for the 2022 Formula 1 rules.

“Do we have the right concept? It’s almost impossible because you only play with your car, you never play with someone else’s car. As for the mechanical side of the car, we’re learning like everyone, I believe in that There is more to gain.

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“But I think we need to keep working on it. We’re being honest with ourselves, we haven’t started on the front foot yet, we just have to look at where our weaknesses are and see how we can improve and do that as quickly as possible within the cost cap The same goes for upgrades.”

Elliott said Mercedes wouldn’t be proud to follow Red Bull’s lead in design if it ultimately decided it was the best way to develop a car.

“The body bits, the distinct bits, may not be the key difference, but a detail of the floor design. We’ve already evaluated some concepts in this direction.

“I won’t say which way we’re going, but we’ll see. I think if we don’t maintain the level of humility you think you might be doing wrong, you go and see what other people have done, that’s stupid “It’s not just Red Bull’s concept, it’s looking at all the concepts up and down the grid and saying what looks interesting and why.”

Elliott said the team would only move to a different concept if they were confident they knew exactly how it would perform, and that this had an advantage over their current design.

“[What you] What you try to do is understand what you think is happening in the flow field, figure out what you want to do with the flow field, and develop the body shape from there. So we would go look and say ‘what do we think Red Bull Bodywork does and why is that? The same goes for all the other cars on and off the grid and see what we can learn from it.

“We’ll see what we can apply, and then maybe you’ll see change this year, maybe you’ll see change next year, or we’ll stick with our status quo. They’re the questions we’re trying to answer.”

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