McDonald’s Brings Back Classic Halloween Happy Meal Pails

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Rumors have been swirling on social media for weeks that McDonald’s nostalgia-inducing Halloween Pails – first introduced in 1986 – would return this year. As a journalist, I need more than rumours, so I reached out to McDonald’s corporate and… got no response. Sometimes no response is really telling, but despite our suspicions, we remained patient and waited for an official date.

Today, consider those suspicions confirmed, as McDonald’s admitted that, yes, the rumors are true: McDonald’s Halloween Pails in their self-described “OG” characters — McBoo, McPunk’n and McGoblin — will return for the first time since 2016 to participating McDonald’s restaurants nationwide from October 18 to October 31 while supplies last.

But while the buckets remain mostly the same (the original lids have been replaced with two-dimensional silhouettes embedded in the handles), McDonald’s realizes times have changed, so the burger chain is bringing back the buckets for 2022 with a social media campaign hoping to inspiring fans to find ways to keep these buckets from going to waste after Halloween and repurpose them for more than just holding candy.


“[The pails] may have disappeared for a while… but that hasn’t stopped you from finding clever ways to keep their spooky spirit alive – from potted plants in them to using them as OOTD accessories,” McDonald’s said in the announcement wrote. “So, in honor of the return of one of your favorite Happy Meals, we’re offering five fan-inspired ways to repurpose your Halloween Pail after you’ve enjoyed the delicious treats inside.”

Specifically, McDoanld’s teamed up with five TikTok users (minimum followers: 483,000) who all release videos showing ways to use the buckets. Two of the ideas are for young recording artists: “Music Mashups” and “Bucket Beats.” Two are meant to enhance your interior design: “Decor to Die For” and “Pail Planter.” And the last idea is meant to give your style a little McDonald’s flair: “Spooky ‘Fits.”

Still, the real appeal of McDonald’s Halloween Pails is grabbing one for your kids and using them for trick-or-treating. As much as McDonald’s aims to market it to adults with this new recycling campaign, the real nostalgia comes from reliving your childhood.

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