Martin Brudnizki’s own bathroom is full of trends for 2023

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The famous designers behind London-exclusive members club Annabel’s, beloved Miami Soho Beach House and popular celebrity haunt The Ivy are known for curating lavish spaces. So it’s no surprise that Martin Brudnizki’s own bathroom has the same luxurious feel.

In fact, it ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to bathroom trends we’re starting to see in 2023. Shimmering pinks, checkerboard floors and honey textures all come together to blend a classic country house with a luxurious spa.

Arcadian English furniture from Drummonds complements the molten marble walls, enveloping the space in liquid gold. A far cry from the clinical, an unusual palette of honey amber and candy pink brings a sense of decadence to the space. The result is a bathroom fit for a palace…or at least, a very chic home. Let’s take a look inside.

old meets new

View of Martin's bathroom with walls decorated with amber marble

(Image credit: Drummond)

Martin was keen to preserve the elegant period features of the 17th century Binderton Manor. He honors its British history with frilled lampshades, classic drapes on tall sashes and rich decor – including framed artwork around the top of the wall.

However, despite wishing to stay true to the hotel’s heritage, the Swedish-born designer was keen to add variety by introducing marble-trimmed walls and floors for a more contemporary bathroom feel.

“The bathroom was created as our Arcadia fantasy,” Martin says of the way he designed it with Drummonds (opens in new tab). “A fusion of an English country house and a Venetian palace.”

double marble vanity with honey and white checkerboard floor

(Image credit: Drummond)

The Double Lowther vanity by Martin for Drummonds features an Arabic marble top and brass, in keeping with the marble theme throughout the bathroom. Part of Martin’s collection for Drummonds is the Leawood faucet, which has a strong, simple aesthetic with its signature flat end.

Large bathroom mirrors help accentuate the home’s beautiful architectural features and complement the Art Deco glass bead lights. Brass accents on the vanity, faucets and wall-mounted mirrors add timeless elegance, paired perfectly with Spanish golden marble.

candy pink bath with studded skirt

(Image credit: Drummond)

Avon Bath at Drummonds (opens in new tab) was the star of the show, with its hand-painted candy pink reminiscent of an English rose garden. Inlaid detailing around the baseboard helps maintain the industrial English style, contrasting with the checkered marble floors. Nestled perfectly in an alcove under gilded painting, this tub is truly the epitome of self-care.

“We love the photo of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor’s home bathroom in the Bois de Boulogne, complete with mirrors, artwork and chairs,” explained Martin, who lives with husband Jonathan. ‘The bathroom should be a place of relaxation and indulgence, but also a more functional place. There is nothing better than sitting in the tub with a drink and looking out the window overlooking the garden.

Amber marble shower alcove with waterfall shower

(Image credit: Drummond)

The oversized brass shower head is another easy way for Martin to create a luxurious feel in the bathroom, and you can easily try this trick at home. A walk-in shower with a waterfall shower head is not only more elegant, but recreates that spa-like splendor we all crave after a long day.

An antique style toilet bowl with brass pipes

(Image credit: Drummond)

Using soft furnishings, like this flower chair, helps keep the rustic feel Martin loves about his home, alongside a traditional toilet and brass towel rail. Luxurious fabrics and natural woods contrast with the checkered marble bathroom floors.

Flooring is the embodiment of a trend we’ve seen for a while using checks to liven up the bathroom. Farrow & Ball’s color curator, Joa Studholme, is a personal fan. “I am delighted to highlight spot checks as a key trend in Livingetc [in the December issue] Because I love them,” she says. She even suggests going a step further than what Martin is doing here. ‘Use them on the floor, then bring them all the way to the side of the tub. Be bold!

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