It is a blissful feeling to sit on my balcony swing in my house: Shama Sikander

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Talented actress and model Shama Sikander has an excellent taste in home decor. Her dream is to own a house in the mountains and on the beach, and hopes to have it soon.

In a candid chat with, Sham talks about her home decorating ideas.

Check them out here.

What is your favorite corner of the house?

My balcony swing. I like to sit there and feel the breeze and appreciate life. I can see the world from there. It’s a blissful feeling when I sit on the swing.

What should your dream house look like?

My dream is to have multiple houses and build them according to our interests. My dream house looks like a palace and has everything. A very beautiful home and I love the people coming and going. The house of my dreams will have the right energy and the right friends.

What color combination would you like to paint your house with?

I usually like to have a lot of pastel and light colors in the house. These colors are very comfortable on the eyes. But one room will have a striking color, I put black in one room. It has a British vibe.

Which celebrity house would you like to be?

I saw a house in Celebrity Glitz and I thought it was the singer’s house. I think it was Asher, it was a huge palatial house.

Who will be the first guest to call after you design your dream home?

my family and friends.

What should your window view look like?

It should have all properties. I definitely saw the palace on the hill overlooking the sea.

What part of the house do you dislike?

I love all parts of my home.

What is your priceless contribution to decorating?

Everything I choose for my home is priceless. I travel the world and bring something unique and that will be my contribution.

If you had to put up posters at home, what would you put up?

Paintings to match my decor. Although I’m not the poster guy.

Do you have any home decor ideas after reading this? (Can be a movie, commercial, poster, web series, friend’s house, etc.)

Yes, you are constantly inspired by many things. As I said, I travel a lot and draw inspiration from everything I see. I like to add my version to what I see.

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