Interior design trends to revamp your home this festive season

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Interior design trends to spruce up your home this festive season

Oct 13, 2022, 10:41 am
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This Diwali go ‘desi’ and decorate your home with everything made in India

Now that India’s biggest festival is around the corner, it’s time to spruce up your homes and make sure they look perfect for the t.

But before you give your home a makeover, why not consult an expert for current design trends suitable for Diwali?

Ekant Singh, founder and CEO of Page 2813 suggests homeowners choose practical, DIY furniture over fairytale-inspired furniture.

This Diwali is all about dramatic lighting and traditional scents

“This Diwali, you can put on a welcoming display at the entrance with dramatic lighting and traditional scents like those of rose, jasmine and sandalwood. Bright bedding, classic textiles, patterned throw pillows and ethnic motifs will enrich your home decor,” says Mr. Singh.

Use sustainable materials

Sustainable interior design is becoming more and more popular because it brings serenity to the home.

Besides being cheap and aesthetically pleasing, sustainable items also have a favorable impact on the environment.

Materials such as bamboo and terracotta are examples of sustainable resources.

Refurbishing existing furniture and furnishings, or painting walls with non-toxic materials are also some eco-friendly home decor ideas.

Functional decor adds attractiveness to your home without losing purpose.

Baskets, plates, vintage cutlery, mirrors and rugs are examples of practical home decor.

Wire or woven baskets provide storage and texture and also serve as useful art that complements both neutral and bright colors.

When displayed on open shelves, vintage cutlery or containers add to the area, and mirrors reflect natural light to brighten rooms.

This festive season, contribute to the local economy and go desi.

Traditional decor items – polished gold or copper, in the form of a statue, collectibles, centerpieces. can give an immediate impression of festivities.

Choose macrame wall art, bamboo furniture and planters, wicker furniture, jute bags and rugs, pottery and other handmade home decor products by local artisans who also promote sustainability.

Play with light and shadow

Using soft lighting to highlight artwork creates a special atmosphere in your home.

Lighting enhances interior design by adding depth and comfort. Good lighting can highlight the best features in your home.

The play of light and shadow energizes a room. Accent lighting highlights artwork, bookshelves, furniture and architectural decorations in your room, while dimmers let you control the ambiance.

Create an inviting atmosphere with traditional and pleasant scents

Homes with a pleasant and invigorating scent are naturally more inviting, uplifting and cheerful.

Our culture has a long history of incense sticks and aromatic oils, while candles and potpourri are more recent arrivals.

Cause scents of lemongrass and Oudh in the bathroom, roses in the bedroom, and camphor or sandalwood in the temple area to specialize the different zones.

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