Interior decor tips: Wardrobe colours that maintain the aesthetics of your home

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The right color scheme can dramatically change the mood of a house, and it seems easier than ever for artists and designers to push the limits of color, as color is currently used more expressively, regardless of traditional color harmony or rules, by using a variety of” “Bright” and “unrelated” colors in loud, clothing, furniture, interior, exterior, ceremonial and other designs. Home decor and interior design experts recommend that white or natural wood furniture will keep the atmosphere timeless, as warm neutral tones have Anchoring and Soothing The effect and glamour of this shade exudes an understated charm that pairs beautifully with many other palettes.

Others suggest that if you can’t decide on a specific color, go for a soft yellow or light cream, as these shades not only provide a sense of tranquility, but also help us succeed in all areas of our lives, as pastel colors are known for their soothing effects. The atmosphere is known and provides a fresh touch to the overall theme of the house. Whether it’s art, fashion or decor, some colors will force you to work hard, while others give a feeling of relaxation and calm, but all colors can change our mood, turning confusion into clarity, or fear into confidence , or create an ambience An escapist approach to candy shades like pink, turquoise and lavender is a delightful alternative to the soft-trend summer vibes.

Khanindra Burman, CEO and co-founder of Wurfel, said of wardrobe colors in an interview with HT Lifestyle: “It is a design trend to pull the wardrobe out of the bedroom as a separate walk-in space. However, most of our Wardrobes are still part of our bedrooms. Wardrobes are technically bulky products in size and shape. Therefore, from a design perspective, color schemes and patterns become extremely important. The design aesthetic of a wardrobe is important for the complete interior of a room Very important.”

He adds, “Most of the time, we let the color of the wardrobe blend with the rest of the room so it doesn’t pop out like a big box. The door design treatment for your wardrobe can make your bedroom space look very unique.” , the use of mirrors on doors can make your space appear larger, and likewise, the use of mixed colors makes it a seamless part of the space. Currently, grooved treatments, fabric finishes, and ventilation doors are trending globally. The finish can be fluted glass or veneer as well as lacquered panels with different groove patterns. We can also see a global trend in the abundance of tinted glass finishes on black aluminium frames. Finally, don’t design your wardrobe as just one A place for storage, but look at it from a practical perspective, where you can add to your dressing space, work space, reading or resting space.”

Elaborating on this, Ashley, head of business at Newton Inex, revealed: “There has always been a great demand for versatile storage and space when it comes to wardrobe design, but at the same time, experimentation with colour has been a growing trend among clients. When choosing a wardrobe that matches the environment of the room. Monotone colors are out. The best choice for a good wardrobe color is always to play with the color combination of the room/key furniture to create overall synergy and balance.”

He advises: “If your room has multiple colors, a natural or neutral style wardrobe color is also a safe playing field to create an overall balance. If your room has a minimalist design, try patterns and patterns on your wardrobe. Designs rather than a single color are also a good idea, as these may accentuate the overall look of the room and make it stand out.”


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