How to pet proof your home with safety and design in mind

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Leather sofas and shutters are a good start when you have pets.

Is your house suitable for a four-legged resident? Here are some tips and tricks to make sure it is.

Anyone who has owned a dog knows that a home can quickly turn into a disaster zone around one of them.

Our four-legged friends often return home muddy, sandy, wet or covered in foliage and that’s not to mention the other kinds of messes they can create.

Bedford Shutters 9 2x65zrgf3
A dog in front of Bedford Shutters.

Having a dog also means the space has to be safe and so the interior design experts at Shuttercraft have shared their top tips on how to pet-proof a home without compromising on safety and design.

Upholstery and furniture

Whether your furry friends spend a lot of time in the human seats or just walk around the house, some fabrics are definitely to be avoided. Velvet is a magnet for fur for example. It’s best to invest in high quality synthetic tapestries or smooth leather which is sure to withstand the test of the claws.

Puppies love to chew wicker and wood so go for metal accessories.

1 Lorrie three seater leather sofa 2059 Furniture Village. 29y2ir4s6
The Lorrie three seater leather sofa £2,059, Furniture Village.

Window treatments

Pets tend to get into places humans would never fit in – so make sure blinds are cordless or the cords are consolidated to avoid any tangling or nasty accidents.

Although not a completely pet-proof window treatment, plantation shutters have no cords, so risks are minimised.

2 Set of two Stella Dining Chair 240 Next. zda6zs32
Set of two Stella dining chairs with metal legs, £240, Next.

Hard flooring

Hard floors are always the winner over carpet – not just for the training period, but also for those rainy days and muddy walks. Natural wood can scratch easily and stains very quickly. Laminate flooring or stone or ceramic tiles are best for pet homes, but if you must have natural wood, opt for harder materials like oak.

shutterstock 2094324694 nqd80ml
Durable, washable paint is a good idea for when pets come home wet and muddy.

Pet-friendly paint

Most paint brands offer durable wipeable paint ranges, especially suitable for high traffic areas like the entrance to the home. That way you won’t have to worry about cleaning the dogs before they set paws through the door.

shutterstock 1312872857 1suhdco4n
Having a play area might save a lot of cleaning and chaos around the home.

Separations where needed

As much as we love our pets, there are some areas where we don’t want them to go.

Many dog ​​owners get creative with their home design and create a special treat or play area. Train your pet with treats to encourage it to go to the special area at a designated time, like a bedtime routine.

Rothley project by %40 grayson maisie 7708 jpg wxzxwdt3
Trendy metal hairpin legs on furniture look good and can’t be chewed (unless you have a Lab and then all bets are off).

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[How to pet proof your home with safety and design in mind]


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