How to make your home ready for the winter party season

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Vintage, hand-knotted rugs are a good way to create a classic, minimal look of any room, and don’t forget to add those elegant throws, say experts

Rugs, throws, and quilts are the core winter living room essentials that never go out of style and effortlessly complement any private space. This winter, decor experts expect throws to be a big part of many Indian homes, and cashmere leading the way with classic designs such as the herringbone weave.

“Dark and earthy colors such as grays and browns are popular picks for couches and chairs of most hues,” says Sambuddha Bhattacharya, founder-CEO, Lemonade.

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This season, it’s a perfect time to bring out understated, muted colors that are simple yet sophisticated. Vintage, hand-knotted rugs are a good way to create a classic, minimal look of any room. Simple patterns also add understated elegance to living spaces. “For those who like to add personal touches to their homes, block-printed cotton quilts in subtle colors and designs are an evergreen choice. It balances traditional design with contemporary style,” adds Bhattacharya.

What’s more, elegant throws and simple rugs are great additions when it comes to quickly restyling living rooms. “Pair a cashmere classic such as our brown herringbone throw with a couch, and complete the ensemble with a beautiful statement piece rug to instantly transform your home. Rich tones and soft textures add the right amount of warmth,” she suggests.

Inculcate nature-inspired elements

Sarita Handa, the creative director and founder of Sarita Handa label, observes that for the bedroom space to be inviting, one should bring neutral shades home adorned with appliques and embroideries that represent nature, or are splashed in vibrant hues. “Pairing neutral-tone quilts with brighter or botanical prints cushions offer a harmonious balance that creates a tranquil environment. The best way to reimagine the space during the holiday season is to marry the craftsmanship with natural elements. Bring the outdoor home: plants, modern yet craft-centric furniture and handmade furnishings that embody India’s rich textile heritage,” she says.

Have fun with rugs layering

Layering rugs has emerged as one of the defining trends this winter. Naman Jain, vice-president (business development and strategy), Javi Home, observes that layering one rug over another is a great way to turn a big, vanilla room into a fun, experimental space. “They can also be used to demarcate spaces in the same room,” says Jain.

With a layered rug, one can achieve several things. With the contrast of multiple patterns and colours, usually uneven and asymmetrical, a layered rug gives a sense of depth to the room decor while maintaining a clean, mess-free look. “A rug is not just about colour, texture and design, it’s also about placement, curation and highlighting,” notes Jain.

Live it up with winter blooms

Restyling a living room space for the holiday season can be overwhelming, especially when one wants to go bigger and better than last year’s decor. “To restyle the space that exudes cosiness while keeping it classy, ​​the best way is to go with white, emerald green, rusty burgundy and brown-red tones. While maintaining the Christmas theme, this color palette gives a touch of panache to the space and adds character. To enliven up the space, the best accessories are beautiful winter flowers like camellia, petunia, carnation, dahlia, buttercup, winter jasmine. Candles and Christmas wreath are statement makers and cannot be skipped. But what really binds all these together are furry and woolen carpets. They add warmth, cosiness, and homeliness in the right amount, making a living space Christmas-ready,” adds Jain.

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