Horoscope Today, Oct 11: Favorable day for Leo, Libra, Gemini; business profits on cards for Sagittarius

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Horoscope Today 11 October 2022: Today is the second day of Kartik Krishna Paksha and Tuesday is the day. Dwitiya Tithi will cross the entire day today and will remain till 1:29 PM late evening. This afternoon there will be Harshana Yoga until 3:17 pm. Harsha means luck, happiness. The work done in this yoga gives only happiness and happiness stays with him. There will also be Amritsiddhi Yoga till 4.17 pm today.


You will have a good day. Today you will get the support of your spouse in the project work, which will be helpful for further success. Will happen too. Avoid the opinion of others in office work, it will be better if you take the help of someone close to you, then the work will be easily successful. Your hard work will fill the colors of success in your life today. Today, sweetness will increase in family relationships. Today you are expected to take advantage of different paths. Make into ladoos and pour it into water.


You will have a happy day. Today you should be ready to compromise and cooperate on any major matters. pending work

Will be completed today. People of this zodiac can go on a date with their spouse today. Today is a very good day for married people. If your partner is angry, you can gift him new clothes to make him happy. Today there will be changes in many important jobs. Luck will favor you in this situation. Before investing, take the opinion of your elders. Apply saffron tilak.


You will have a better day. Your lost old item will be recovered today. You will also get profit in investment. this amount
People with disabilities can get a gift from their spouse today. As a result, sweetness will increase between the two of you. Try to understand the point of others better today. You will benefit from this. You can also help someone close to you. You will be successful in solving the problems you face. You will get victory in legal matters today. People of this zodiac will get jobs today. Today looks good for love partner for this zodiac sign. Clean the temple.


Today you will get the benefit of money. Don’t argue with a stranger today. Do not make any kind of decision about the transaction of money. It would be better not to do money transactions on this day. Try to complete the work by focusing your attention. Whatever is holding you back today, ignore it. Students of this zodiac can also fill any kind of exam form or go to an interview, your financial condition will be better than before.


Your day will be favorable for you. Your inclination will be more towards creative work. To buy new vehicles today
Good day. At the same time, today is also an auspicious day to make purchases related to household appliances for home decoration. Also, today is an auspicious day to go out. Help others by thinking wisely today. Today your health will be much better than before.


Your day will be full of happiness. Today your financial position will remain strong. Today you will wave the flag of success in your work. Today you will feel mentally and physically fit. If you are considering buying a new vehicle, then buy it. You will probably benefit from this. You can meet old friends today.


Today is lucky day. Today’s day will start with favorable resolutions. Today will be beneficial for those associated with the land business. Today you will get money due to hard work and behavior. Enemies and diseases will be afflicted by your influence today. People of this zodiac will enjoy the benefit of family happiness and peace today. There will also be sweetness in your personal relationship. Today you will spend most of your time with your parents. There will be opportunities for profit. Come out of the house only after eating curd.


Your day will be auspicious. Today your efforts in your work will be successful. Today you will get good news from family members and your self-esteem will increase. Today you can get help from someone special. Will go out with a friend for dinner tonight. to work with ease Try to complete it, you will achieve success according to hard work. Serve the old lady, and the doors of success will open.


Your day will be profitable. Opportunities for profit will open for people today. As a result, the traders will get the benefit of monetary profits. If you want to start a new business then start only after seeing Rahukal. People of this zodiac will get a lot of love from their spouses today. With your life partner you may have the possibility to go to certain religious places. With new sources of income, the economic condition will be strong. Offer water to Shivling.


Your day will be normal. Today, due to the good level of morale, your work will continue at a good pace. Today there is a possibility of change in business. Your creativity in the office will be better than before. This is a great day to go out for this zodiac’s love partner. Today luck will fully support you. There may be a dispute between you and your brother about something, keep yourself in check. Today is an auspicious day for purchasing electrical equipment. Take care of your valuables today. Distribute boondi to the needy, you will get blessings.


Today will be a wonderful day for you. You will achieve great success in your field. A job offer can also come from a foreign company. Which will be beneficial for you to join. Park the vehicle only in a safe place today. Otherwise, a long and wide fine must be paid. Today, enemies may try to harm you, so keep your distance from them as much as possible. Today your interest in social work will increase. Do your work carefully today. Offer jaggery to Ganesh ji.


Your day will bring new happiness in your life. Your inclination will be more towards spirituality. somewhere with parents
Will go for temple darshan. By doing this, chances are created to get benefits for you. A plan made for entertainment may be postponed today. Will spend more time at home today. The problem related to money will end today. There will be profit from the business. Today is going to be an auspicious day for the students of this zodiac. If you are going for an interview, take a pinch of turmeric powder with you, you will definitely achieve success.

(Acharya Indu Prakash is a famous astrologer of the country with vast experience in Vastu, Samudrik Shastra and Astrology. You see him predict every morning at 7.30 am on Indian TV)

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