Honismart launches its environmentally-friendly, foldable Paper Christmas Tree on Kickstarter

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Honismart, a brand skilled in the production of environmentally friendly honeycomb paper furniture, launches its foldable Paper Christmas Tree on Kickstarter.

Hundreds of millions of Christmas trees are sold worldwide each year, 70% of which are PVC trees, which puts enormous pressure on the environment. Whether it is burning or dumping, it will cause great damage to the environment. A PVC Christmas tree produces 20 times more nitrogen dioxide than a natural tree. To solve this problem, Honismart adopted environmentally friendly recyclable materials to make its paper candle tree.

Honismart Christmas tree underwent repeated tests and finally chose the honeycomb mechanical structure as the frame of its Christmas tree. Bees use the least material consumption to build the most prominent and robust honeycomb. They form a structure similar to an arch bridge as a whole so that the compressive strength of the surface is improved—100 times higher.

Honismart designed the width of his Christmas tree after folding it to about 1 inch, which is equivalent to the width of less than a book. The medium Christmas tree can even be tucked into a drawer, comparable to the space of two books. At the same time, the large Christmas tree can also be easily stored, which is more convenient than the bulky traditional Christmas tree.

The CEO of Honismart spoke about their product and said: “the accordion inspires the design of our Christmas tree. The retractable structure design folds up sheets of paper neatly and orderly. Our product is based on the cone, adding layers, showing smooth lines and a sense of space,” he said.

The Honismart Christmas tree can be freely matched with accessories and decorations. Users can enjoy the warmth of the whole family working together in a joyful Christmas atmosphere. The installation is also convenient and fast; no complicated operations are needed. Honismart paper Christmas tree can not only be used for Christmas, but also suitable for commercial use, as well as other holidays, commercial activities and home decoration.

To have an in-depth look at the fascinating Honismart paper Christmas tree, check out the company’s page on Kickstarter.

Media contact
Company Name: Honeymart
Contact person: Ford Ganter
Email: Send email
Country: China
Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/honismart/honismart-paper-christmas-treefoldable-christmas-tree?ref=5pxt2w&token=8b4e6d48

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