Home interior decor tips: Benefits of having high ceilings in your new home

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Today, one has to consider a plethora of factors while buying a new home as right from the location and the price, to the quality of the project and the reputation of the developer, everything matters. Added to this are the internal finishes and external amenities that directly affect your style of living but amidst all this, there is one thing most home-buyers forget when contemplating buying a new home and that is the ceiling height of the house.

If you’re considering purchasing or building a new home, you probably have your heart set on certain features – a gourmet kitchen, a large master suite with a luxurious ensuite or perhaps you’re dreaming of spacious, family-friendly living areas. While all of these are highly sought-after features, there’s one that can really take your home to the next level – and that’s high ceilings.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Cyrus Mody, Managing Partner of Viceroy Properties, shared, “Designing living spaces in a city like Mumbai has historically been a question of compromise on a lot of fronts and so, designing spaces with lower ceiling heights is no surprise, as that helps developers consume more FSI by building more floors. However, higher ceiling heights instantly make a home feel more luxurious in addition to being aesthetically appealing and increasing the overall value.” Stating some benefits of high ceilings, he revealed:

1. More natural light – A home with a high ceiling allows for larger windows which help with increasing the flow of natural light into the space. Natural light has been proven to have an overall positive effect on mental well-being.

2. Increased perception of space – High ceilings make a space look larger than it is by adding to the overall volume of the room.

3. Ventilation – Higher ceilings allow more air to circulate through the house. They provide better ventilation, especially during the summers. Airflow within the property can also be improved by installing taller doors and bigger windows

According to Ram Raheja, Managing Director at S Raheja Realty, homes with high ceilings offer so much more – space, natural light, aesthetic appeal, plus they can even boost your home’s value. Adding to the list of the benefits of high ceilings, he gushed –

1. Your home feels more spacious: High ceilings can instantly make your home feel more spacious and luxurious. In fact, the extra height even makes very small rooms feel bigger! Rooms with high ceilings also have the advantage of being able to accommodate beautiful feature lighting, such as a chandelier.

2. Abundant natural light: High ceilings fill a home with lots of light, giving it an open, grand look and feel. You can also maximize views by having larger windows as a feature, allowing you to frame a view or use window furnishings to add to the ambience of the room. High ceilings are most impressive in living areas, with plenty of natural light flooding the space with sunlight and fresh air.

3. Luxurious look: High ceilings can turn a nice home into a stunner. There’s something very impressive about walking into a room with high ceilings. And they never go out of style!

4. Increased home value and easier resale: High ceilings are a great selling feature, creating an instant wow factor during open house.

5. Design versatility: If you’re a fan of interior design, the decorative lighting possibilities are endless with high ceilings. You can choose contemporary or retro chandeliers, pendant lights, or hanging art installations that complement your home decor.


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