Home Improvement Book Shows Homeowners How to Save Money When Building or Remodeling Without Sacrificing Quality

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As COVID-related inflation pushes up prices, homeowners need to re-examine how they spend their money, authors say Joe Oswald.

Chicago, July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As if it wasn’t bad enough that COVID-related supply chain disruptions made many consumer goods hard to find, when lumber prices hit record highs last spring, many homeowners suffered a sticker shock, hitting the construction industry budget and force people to postpone their home improvement projects. The cost of gasoline, groceries, food and other goods has also risen last year, with rising gas and electricity prices in some parts of the country leading to higher energy bills. Inflation like this can severely dent household budgets, causing many homeowners to reconsider plans to build new homes or remodel existing ones.

New Book for Home Improvement Lovers Joe Oswald Designed to show homeowners how to save money when building or remodeling without sacrificing quality by learning to control costs. Homeowner’s Guide to Contracting, Building, and Remodeling: Save Your Wealth Learn What Contractors Don’t Want You to Know (ISBN-13: 978-0-9709734-4-3) Listed by Bookauthority.com as the “Seven Best Home Contracting Books Ever” and is the new edition that Amazon has ranked #1 in its Home Design and Construction category . The book recounts Oswald’s refurbishment and subsequent construction of the three-story foundation of his 1929 Spanish Revival home. Chicago He was the general contractor in it. The house was well received during the annual Chicago Beverly/Morgan Park family tour.

According to Oswald, “The builder markup is the biggest secret in general contracting, and it’s probably the most important factor in controlling costs…Getting multiple estimates, ordering directly from suppliers, knowing the true cost of materials and labor, saves me wealth.”

Oswald details the entire project, including how he saved tens of thousands of dollars by avoiding builders markups, ordering his own materials and hiring his own subcontractors. With experience renovating older homes and knowledge gained from attending general contracting courses and working for home developers many years ago, Oswald decided to handle the project himself, including planning mechanical systems, obtaining permits, and meeting with home inspectors.

Covering the main stages of construction and renovation, including construction financing, this book contains over a hundred photos, checklists, builder insights and inspiring quotes.

The Midwest Book Review states: “Very well written, organized and presented…a comprehensive and thoroughly ‘user friendly’ teaching guide.”

architect Joe Carroll Statement: “An invaluable guide on contracting, building and renovating that homeowners will surely benefit from Joe Oswald knowledge and experience. ”

In addition to renovating homes, Oswald has taught history for over 20 years and has authored two other books, including Chicago’s Beverly/Morgan Park Community and a book called Champion vocabulary.

Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, local bookstores, and other retailers. For more information, visit www.joeoswald.com.

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