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Three Birds on Observation Deck Casual Monterey Section with Side Table and Square Coffee Table

ATLANTA — The Atlanta Gift and Home Summer Market ended a week ago, and some sellers who attended the market offered their opinions on buyers’ favorite options. From color to material to style, here are the trends:

What’s more popular:

Charlee Lowery, Creative Director, Jamie Young Co.

  • Mixed Materials and Finishes: The eclectic combination is still very strong in the trend. We find that clients are not limited to one color, one texture or one aesthetic.
  • Brass still shines intensely: The brass is still a hot finish, it doesn’t seem to cool down! While other finishes are still on sale – customers love the rich oiled bronze, brass hasn’t lost its luster.
  • Casual and elegant living: Designers are looking for pieces that perfectly straddle the edge of elegance and comfort, beauty and ease and approachability.

Telly Vara, Marketing Director, Three Birds Leisure

  • Avanti series and SoHo series – Stainless steel frame with teak finish and highlights/mix of teak and steel or aluminium for a more contemporary look
  • stacking chairs very popular. Their design facilitates less formal things like folding chairs without compromising the formal look of the dining table. Best of both worlds.
  • Pre-weathered teak. Grey teak is so beautiful that many people can’t wait to get it greyed out. That’s why we’ve launched a teak range with a special coating that allows people to bring home grey teak without waiting.

Liz Zwissler, Creative Director, Park Hill Collection

  • Wallpaper/Layered Patterns
  • luxury textured fabric
  • Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Garry Schermann, Senior Vice President of Sales, Creative Co-op

  • little indulgence …you can spoil your little ones with a down pillow.
  • Price point! Our retailers are increasingly aware of a wide range of prices.
  • Eclectic Appearance Planning Create a home with a personal identity that tells your story.

From Creative Cooperatives

Abigail Hot 403714 (1)Jarrell Lee, Abigail

  • stained glassware
  • hand-painted board
  • hand knitted sheets

What’s not:

Charlee Lowery, Creative Director, Jamie Young Co.

  • Formal Design: Any design that is too unbearable, rigid or precious for someone.
  • Harsh Palettes: Contrast is definitely still a used design element, but for the most part, clients are using neutrals with a simple statement.
  • Sophisticated look: While the current trend is not minimalism, it is definitely distilled from minimalist perfectionism.

Telly Varga, Marketing Director, Three Birds Leisure

  • Umbrella
  • Smaller dining table for four. Although we can barely keep them in stock, most people want seating for 8 to 12 people around the dining table.
  • Wild, bright, unconventional colors.

Liz Zwissler, Creative Director, Park Hill Collection

  • Minimalism
  • Monochrome interior
  • non-functional furniture

Garry Schermann, Senior Vice President of Sales, Creative Co-op

We live in such a varied environment with such a wide range of tastes. It’s all about your story and the diversity of our retailers. We pride ourselves on being the rule breakers who create hot things.

Jarrell Lee, Abigail

  • copper
  • earth tones
  • Minimalism (minimalist interior design/style and decor)

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