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Cozy lovers, rejoice—it’s Labor Day weekend. While summer lovers are in mourning, fall babies are celebrating the highly anticipated transition to autumn. Bathing suits turn into warm flannels, beach towels turn into throw blankets, and days in the sun turn into crisp nights curled up on the couch. Yes.

Given the shorter days and cooler temperatures, autumn is probably the best time to create a cozy retreat in your living room or bedroom. (Unless, of course, you’re shivering cool on the patio.) That’s why sustainable homewares brand The Citizenry is hosting its Bedroom Retreat sale, perfect for creating, well, your ideal retreat to get you through the colder months.

From August 30 to September 6, The Citizenry is slashing prices on all things cozy, with linens, throw pillows and stylish decor up to 25 percent off. If you’re a bedroom person, now’s the time to trade in those cool sheets for something warmer—the brand’s luxury bedding is 15 percent off, while bundles (sheets, pillowcases, and duvets) are 25 percent off.

Or, if you’re comfortable on the couch, dress it up with some throw pillows or a knit throw, also discounted from 10-25 percent. And if you need something for both rooms, there are also many beautiful rugs, baskets and wall hangings to buy. All ethically and fairly sourced from artisan partners and entrepreneurs from around the world.

Cozy season awaits at The Citizenry’s Bedroom Retreat Sale—outfit your fall oasis with our picks below. Shop the rest of The Citizenry sale here.

Cuddle up in cozy Citizenry bedding

the burger bedding

The Citizenry, Stonewashed Linen Bed Bundle — Full — $461.00

Originally $535, now $461. Prices vary depending on size.

If your fall plans include lots of sleep, watching Netflix from bed, cozying up to the cold, or all of the above (the same), get this bed bundle. Arguably, it’s one of the most luxurious sets you’ll ever sleep in (and makes your room look like an IG-worthy bed statue in no time). That’s thanks to the dreamy Portuguese linen that’s soft and breezy, even if it’s still warm when the temps drop. It’s Oeko-Tex certified and made in a family-owned mill, so you can feel good about your purchase.

Citizenry Quilt

Stonewashed Linen Quilt – Full/Queen – $234.00

Originally $275, now $234. Prices vary depending on size.

If you need something heavier than a linen duvet, opt for this linen quilt. It’s a bit thicker and adds a bit of extra weight thanks to the quilted design, which is stitched in the same beautiful fabric. Choose from beautiful colors that look great no matter the season, including rich earth tones that will instantly add a sense of calm to your space.

La Calle Throw Blanket

La Calle Alpaca Throw – $124.00

Originally $155, now $124

No fall is complete without a chic throw blanket. Whether it’s around your shoulders by the bonfire or over your legs on the sofa, throw blankets are a simple, stylish way to cuddle together. This one happens to be woven in by master artisan in the Andes, made from the silkiest alpaca wool you won’t want to get out of.

Las Artes Pillow 1

Las Artes Throw Pillow – $111.00

Originally $150, now $113

Like a throw, pillows are an effortless way to create a dreamy escape. This one has a warm, terracotta color palette that looks great in summer or fall, so you can leave it out all year round. Like the blanket, it is woven by hand in Peru using Fair Trade practices, only instead of alpaca, it is woven with sheep’s wool. Perfect for rainy afternoon naps or late night Netflix binges.

Citizenry Organic Cotton Bed Bundle

Organic Cotton Resort Bundle – Full – $370.00

Originally $435, now $370. Prices vary depending on size.

Back to the bedroom. If linen isn’t your thing, check out this Turkish cotton bedding set instead. All the linens are made from 100 percent organic Turkish cotton with a 400 thread count, giving you a resort feel, minus the high nightly rate. The colors are beachy, so if you’re a summer person who tingles in the fall, this is the perfect set to create a coastal feel no matter the season.

Contigo Throw

Contigo Chunky Wool Throw – $220.00

Originally $275, now $220

The nights will inevitably get cold—really cold. For those evenings, wrap yourself up in this chunky wool throw that’s practically begging for warm socks and a mug of cocoa to match. It’s woven with two types of wool to give it a heavy, cloud-like feel, while the warm neutral color looks great in any room of the home. Trust us – when the winter snipe hits, you’ll be glad you got it.

Ceniza Lumbar Pillow

As lumbar pillow – $166.00

Originally $195, now $166

Readers: This pillow is calling your name. When not in use, the beautiful geometric pattern looks super stylish against your bedding. But in use, you have yourself a comfortable, oversized lumbar pillow to give you support while you read in bed. Truly the best of both worlds.

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Our editors select these products independently. By making a purchase through our links, Well+Good may earn a commission.

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