Don’t Let a Poor Interior Design Choice Destroy Your Entire Life

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VMLY&R is rebranding Thai home improvement retailer Boonthavorn and showing consumers how to ‘live their way’ in an entertaining new film.

The film, entitled ‘Ummm..,’ showcases the consequences you face if you don’t insist on making the wrong choices for yourself. In this case the husband in a newlywed couple who accepts the choice of tile by his disinterested wife.

He obsesses over the tile for decades, constantly going “ummmmm.”

Until finally, on his death bed, he says what he should have said years ago, “not good.”

Since its launch on October 17, the film has already received more than 8M views across YouTube and Facebook.

“When it comes to home improvement, there are many factors that take you away from getting what you really want. Whether it’s fear of being different, caring too much about what the current trend is, or not being able to find what you are looking for, so you end up just buying whatever is available.

“At Boonthavorn, we want to change this by encouraging consumers to make the right choice for their space and their life. No more ‘anything is good’ because it isn’t. Our customers deserve to have it their way, and to live the way they want for once. Working with VMLY&R we have been able to emphasize this point in a fun and engaging way that has already received a positive response from audiences.”

Partnering with Boonthavorn, VMLY&R Thailand is responsible for the brand’s rebranding campaign to become the top-of-mind modern home specialty store in Thailand, from identifying and developing new brand direction and creative ideas and materials, to revising the brands’ full digital ecosystem and executing its communications with both internal stakeholders and consumers.

“Boonthavorn’s rebrand is all about highlighting the brand’s depth of product, services and expertise – which goes way beyond other home improvement and decoration brands in Thailand. Our strategic insight shows that this is what consumers want, however, it’s not what most brands are able or willing to deliver – and this is where Boonthavorn comes in,” said Anuwat Nitipanont, Chief Creative Officer, VMLY&R Thailand.

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