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Many kids, even younger children, love style and want to incorporate it into their own spaces. From the time they’re little, children form their own opinions on their likes and dislikes when it comes to things like colour, patterns and overall ambience. If you are redoing a child’s bedroom, make sure to get their input.

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“I believe the child should have a say in the design to a certain extent,” said Julie Labelle, an interior designer with Euro Style Design. “If the client is buying a desk and the child would like to pick whether they want four little drawers or two big drawers, they should have a say since they will be using it. For the colors as well – it is fun for the children to pick a color because they will be the ones living in that space. It makes the child happier to spend time in their own room when they help create it. But the parents should have the final say when it comes to deciding what they need and what they can afford.”

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Lucie Pitt of Versa Style Design always gets a child’s feedback when she’s designing a little one’s room, and even more so when it comes to pre-teens and teenagers. “Because of social media, kids are exposed to home design all the time, and they’re really involved more than ever,” she said. “Kids, especially tweens and teens, have got a really strong opinion on design, especially in their own rooms. When I visit a home and I am working on a children’s room, the parents are present but I am engaged one hundred percent with the child. I take an inventory of what they’re into and what they have, sketch out the design and discuss it with them. They are included every step of the way.”

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Certain trends have permeated kids’ rooms in recent years, from specific hues to multifunctional furniture pieces. And then there are the must-haves of every child or teen’s bedroom: a study space as well as organization. “The main color this year has been blue, a great color for both girls and boys,” Labelle said. “As for design, modular is the most popular. Clients want to combine as many pieces as possible in the children’s room to have as much storage and functionality as possible. For example, we have a murphy bed that becomes a sofa when the bed is not being used, or a crib that becomes a single bed when the child grows up.”

Choose storage solutions that can evolve with your child.  – VERSA STYLE DESIGN
Choose storage solutions that can evolve with your child. – VERSA STYLE DESIGN

Pitt is a huge fan of furniture that can “grow” with your child. When you buy good-quality pieces, these can become mainstay items in their room for years to come. “You want a bed that ‘evolves’ – that is, it starts as a crib, and then you can take the rails off and it’s a daybed for a toddler, and then you can lengthen the bed as they get older,” she explained .

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She suggested taking the same approach when it comes to finding practical storage solutions for a kids’ room. An organizing station for toys can start on the floor (so a toddler can easily put their toys away), and then it can go up on the wall or in a shelving unit as they get older.

“Think about storage for toddlers that you can keep on using,” Pitt suggested. Find a system for their closet that can also be redesigned year to year as their height and needs change. “I love closed cupboard modules that can be adjusted,” she added. “When children are young you can have the pole at a four-foot height, and then the pole can go higher and higher. If you invest in a good system when they’re young that is modular, it will grow with them.”

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Pitt’s favorite component in a kid’s bedroom is a loft bed because it can be configured in countless ways and offers a great hideout for studying, reading and just hanging out. “I love loft beds and I put them in 95 per cent of the kids’ rooms that I do!” she said. “Underneath the loft bed, you can make it into its own little apartment. It’s so cute. You can get armchairs that open and become beds when friends have a sleepover, and then it’s a study chair the rest of the time. You can have a desk and shelves under there. It’s very affirming for a kid’s self-esteem – they feel like they have a little private home and they’re so fun. Sometimes kids will add a string of neon LED lights that change colour, or they will put up twinkle lights under there. Truthfully, every time I integrate a loft bed into a client’s home, I think to myself, ‘I wish I had one!'”

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