Brits find dead family members on Google Street View years after – ‘strangely comforting’

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Some Britons recently shared on social media pictures of their dead relatives found on Google Street View, saying they were “comforted” to see their loved ones years after their death.

One social media user named Jenni found her late grandparents coming back from the supermarket: “Forever grateful to Google Street View for capturing my grandma and grandpa on their way back from a shopping trip in 2014.

“Grandma passed away in 2018 but I love looking at this photo and remembering how delighted she was to find herself on the internet.”

Another one, named Mel, found her mother in her driveway: “Here’s something I’m sure other genealogy fans have discovered – Google Street View has a history feature.

“My mum died last January but here she is in her driveway in 2009. Not sure how I feel about that… Weird but good, I think. Her garden looked fab in 2011 after the builders!”

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Social media user @dan_sully explained they found his girlfriend’s grandmother waiting for the bus: “We found my girlfriend’s grandmother standing at the bus stop opposite her house on Google Street View after she died.

“It’s been updated now, but you can go back and look at previous years via the clock symbol. She’s still there now, in 2008’s Street View.”

Another one shared a picture of her grandmother after being captured on Google Street View in Kent. She said: “This is so wonderful. I found my little nan walking to the shops.

“She always used to dress so smartly, even if she was just going into the village. I can see she’s clutching her best handbag too. She died in 2018 after a massive stroke aged 97. She was a codebreaker in the war.”


Social media user @nemof found her dead mother having a drink outside a coffee shop: “My mum died in 2012, but there is still an image of her on Google Street View from 2008.

“So I’m able to look back and know that in September 2008 she was happily drinking a coffee outside Cafe Delight on a sunny September afternoon. That’s strangely comforting.”

Twitter user Chris Fontain found an image of his uncle, who died six years ago: “The fella in this Google Street View picture is my Mum’s brother, uncle Bruce.

“This is still up on Street View even though he died about six years ago.”

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People can use the feature by going to Google Maps, searching for an address and selecting the Street View mode, which is often activated by clicking on the street image on the left-hand side of the screen.

Street View allows users to look back as far as 2008 and some people even found their dead pets.

One user explained: “Oh I didn’t know about the archived images and I’ve just checked and found my dog ​​who died last week sat at my mum’s gate! It’s made me so happy!!”

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