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The term hygge (pronounced ˈhyü-gə), according to Merriam-Webster, has been tossed around in the cultural lexicon as of late. The Danish term refers to comfort or contentment in the present moment. Common elements of hygge include being wrapped up in a blanket by a cozy fireplace, sipping hot cocoa, or enjoying the company of good friends over a candlelit dinner.

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Video games can also be a part of the hygge experience. Many of these experiences include cozy moments where one settles in and enjoys simple comforts, even if it seems like the entire world is falling apart. Here are some instances of hygge games.


6 Skyrim Has Food And Merriment And Song

Skyrim is one of those games that refuses to die. Every time a new console is released, a new version comes out. And in twenty years, gamers will likely be playing the super ultra deluxe edition with extra horse armor.

Between the game’s many quests and vast world, moments of hygge can be found. At the town watering holes, the Dragonborn can enjoy some Nord mead or feast on a sweet roll. These places may also have a fireplace to sit by and cook some food over. That potato stew is certainly mouth-watering.

5 A Small Fire Brings Solace In The Long Dark

The frozen apocalypse is not the place one would expect to find comfort. After a cataclysmic event knocked out all power and drove the animals to be more savage, it is a fight for survival in the Canadian wilderness of The Long Dark.

The fact that the game’s world is an oppressive, frigid wasteland makes the pleasant moments all the more pleasant. Building a fire out in the cold woods provides some welcome warmth, and if the ingredients are on hand, it is the perfect chance to enjoy a hot cup of tea. This can be enjoyed with some ketchup-flavored potato chips because it’s Canada.

4 Procrastinate By Cooking In Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild is a colossal game to take on, including all kinds of valleys and mountains to explore. The game not only includes a day/night cycle, but also a dynamic weather system, meaning pouring rains can make it difficult to climb, or a thunderstorm can obliterate Link with a bolt of lightning.

Thankfully, the stables are available to provide a hygge escape from the elements. They provide a rustic comfort and warm bed that will leave Link feeling revitalized. And cooking some savory treats is always a pleasure. These times of comfort make Link forget his troubles, although there is something about a princess that he should be addressing.

3 Get Cozy With A Warm Drink in Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk is a visual novel about serving hot drinks and listening to customers talk about their problems. The setting for this game is an alternate version of Seattle, where fantasy creatures walk side-by-side with humans.

The rainy Seattle setting makes serving hot drinks particularly soothing. The smooth jazz accompanying the game gives off a melancholy vibe. The café fosters a sense of community, with the myriad customers that enter the establishment, all of whom have unique personalities. Freya is a ray of sunshine.

2 The Villagers Of Animal Crossing Are Always Happy To Talk

When talking about cute and cozy, the Animal Crossing franchise excels. Moving into a town full of cute talking animals is an overflow of adorableness, and the relaxed non-linear pace of the games means players can approach them pretty much however they like.

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Animal Crossing does an excellent job promoting the hygge mindset. Chatting with the neighbors is wonderful, especially when they are always happy to see a friendly face. It is also great to have a coffee at Brewster’s Café. Thanks to the robust home decoration, players can create their own hygge nook, not to be confused with the greedy Tom Nook.

1 Playne Is A Game About Doing Nothing

Playne is not exactly a traditional game. Finding oneself on a lonely, barren island, a talking fox narrates the story of how the island came to be and reveals that in order for time to progress and new life to grow, meditation is the key.

Hearing the music in Playne is like drinking a hot cup of tea. The sound of the fire crackling and watching it grow with each successive meditation session is like camping out in the woods. Playne is all about finding contentment and appreciating life as it is.

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