Bakery ordered to stop food handling, preparing, cooking in 44-page inspection

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Miami-Dade County, Florida – Inspectors from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services at Caliz Cake Design southwest of Miami-Dade on Monday ordered operations to cease until “the affected areas are fully cleared, cleaned and cleaned, according to a​​ 44-page report. disinfect.”

The bakery is located at 15588 SW 72nd Street in West Kendall.

Need to recheck due to cockroach issue.

“Stop in use” orders for food service areas, processing/kitchen areas, smoothie machines, cake coolers, dessert coolers, ice machines, orange juice machines, soda coolers, coffee machines, coffee grinders, espresso machines, Sandwich Preparation Units, Blenders, Sandwich Presses, Dry Baked Goods Display Cases, Hot Cabinets, Microwaves, Ice Cream Reach Freezers, Dough Sheeters, Stand Ovens, Floor Stand Mixers, Stand Mixers, Walk-In Coolers , tabletop mixer, cake decorating room, deli slicer, stove/oven, bakeware/grill and fryer.


Attach the check.

***Kalitz Cake Design

15588 SW 72nd Street

West Kendall

Inspection date July 11, 2022

17 violations found

“Catering Services- Many live cockroaches Different sizes were found under the sink, behind the ice cream freezer and the sandwich prep station. See Supplement, a cease-and-desist order for the region, all food-related equipment and open food processing is in effect. “

“Processing, background- Many live cockroaches Animals of various sizes were found under the sink, between skirting boards and walls by the sink, next to the dough press/baker’s station, and behind the stainless steel refrigerator. See Supplement, a cease-and-desist order for the region, all food-related equipment and open food processing is in effect. “

“Affected storage areas must be completely cleared of all merchandise, cleaned and sanitized prior to the next inspection; no other merchandise may be added to the storage area, otherwise a damage will be issued. If evidence of an infestation is found at the next inspection, the A cease-and-desist order is issued in all receiving areas of the establishment and the establishment is no longer allowed to receive additional food, a cease-and-desist order for all processing equipment (if applicable) will be issued for all exposed food (if applicable) until the infestation is eradicated .”


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