8 Easy To Use Apps to Design Rooms

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Designing a room can be tedious and tricky. The entire design and layout has to be visualized to get a t8. His perfect room design. However, advances in technology have brought new developments for designers, homeowners and interior design enthusiasts. It is an app for designing rooms. These interior design apps have beautiful layouts, textures, wallpaper designs and more to visualize a room and design it the way you want.

8 Exciting Design Studio Apps

Anyone can use these apps to design a room; it doesn’t have to be a professional designer or have a degree in any design course. These interior design apps are room design and room decorating tools that provide a visual preview of design ideas before implementing them into a room. An excellent feature of these apps is that they are free and do not require any user to pay.

Today we’re highlighting eight easy-to-use apps to design rooms you can use anywhere, anytime. The interface of these apps is clean and simple, and users don’t need any function guides before using them. You can get suitable decorations, wallpaper layouts, design colors and more from these apps.

1. Planner 5D

The Planner 5D app is one of the most extensive free room design apps available today. From the smallest architectural details to decorating colorful rooms, you can easily design and implement room decorating ideas. In addition to the interior, one can also design exterior elements such as landscaping and pools. The app also has a rich photo gallery of innovative ideas and designs that people can use at home.

Used for: Building plans, floor plans, decorating ideas, exterior designs

platform: iOS, Android.

2. Room Stylist

This Roomstyle app for designing rooms can be used to build personalized floor plans or use a huge library of available room layouts. Users can also insert walls, doors and windows, as well as interior decorations, from the app. The application has a clean interface that enables users to view entire rooms and designs in 3D. You can also move the camera around the floor plan to see multiple views of the room and include new changes and designs as you review. Also, you can select a suitable design and click on the “Available for Purchase” option to view the price and purchase options.

Used for: 3D planning, interior decoration, room design

platform: iOS

3. IKEA Home Planning Tool

IKEA is a treasure trove of exciting design ideas and layouts. Here you will also find several pieces of home furniture and decorations to incorporate into your room design. Now IKEA has a dedicated home planning tools app for designing rooms where you can find these and more. Home planning tools enable users to configure their room floor plans, select from furniture stores and estimate prices and wish lists or purchases.

Used for: Renovation planning, interior design, room layout, furniture store

platform: iOS, Android

4. Design a room

3D Design a Room is a room design app that allows users to choose from multiple color combinations for floor plans, cabinets, ceilings and walls. Choose a room in your home, choose a design style, and virtually decorate your room with fun options. The app also enables people to understand design concepts and products before implementing them into the design.

Used for: room decoration, room design, layout design

platform: android

5. Home Stylist

The user-friendly application for designing rooms features simple drag-and-drop functionality, enabling users to create personalized designs and envision various floor plans. You can choose from a range of cabinets, appliances, furniture, and any decorative item you can think of.

Used for: Furniture upholstery, personal room design, floor mapping

platform: iOS, Android

6. Home Improvement

The Home Renovator app allows a person to decorate a room and plan and estimate the price of materials that person will need during the renovation process. Choose from a variety of insulation, drywall, paint, tile and flooring to include in your design plan. A person can also use the gallery’s free worksheets to measure room space and enter measurements. Once the information is entered into the app, it will highlight estimates, pricing and illustrated placement instructions for the required materials.

Used for: Floor plans, room design, renovation estimates, illustration design.

platform: iOS, Android

7. Sweet Home 3D

The Sweet Home app is for anyone looking for a variety of customization options for room layouts and designs. The app provides users with a rich furniture catalog, home furniture listings, home floor plans and home 3D views.

Used for: room layout, room design, furniture gallery

platform: iOS

8. Smart Drawing

Smartdraw application is a set of programs suitable for visual graphics and visual presentation of room design. Users can access project diagrams, floor plan timelines, marketing diagrams and flowcharts, and plan a multitude of office spaces, luxury apartments, individual rooms and elevations.

Used for: Floor plans, room decoration, room design, visual representation.

platform: android

There are several interior design apps available for designing beautiful rooms and spaces. However, we have eight of the best apps to design your room just for you! So, check them out and turn your room into a beautiful space.

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