7 lessons in modern farmhouse style the designer of this elegant kitchen wants us to learn

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If you’re looking for inspiration for a remodel, the first step is to choose a kitchen style that not only matches the period and architecture of your home, but also the tone of your other interiors.

However, there are some designs that will suit most homes, no matter their makeup, and are timeless elegance. Farmhouse kitchens, especially those leaning toward the modern farmhouse style, are among the most popular American kitchen styles, and it’s easy to see why: They’re smart and easy to work with.

Roundhouse senior design consultant Lauren Wright talks about this kitchen (opens in new tab) Said: “The client asked us to create a timeless kitchen for her new-build property in the style of the era. The classic Shaker kitchen design with a contemporary twist met the client’s request while maintaining sympathy for the grandeur and style of the hotel.

Studio WD, Interior Design and Architecture at Studio WD (opens in new tab), this kitchen is the perfect example of how to implement a farmhouse kitchen. It’s also useful for anyone looking for black and white kitchen ideas.

1. Create a sense of lightness through careful contrast

Grey cabinets and kitchen island, dark blue kitchen island base and door

(Image credit: High Walker Duncalf)

Wall decor in farmhouse kitchens is usually subtle, but here it’s pared down to muted colors that rely on contrast to make an impact.

“Form and function were important when designing this kitchen. Details were key to creating an elegant and welcoming space.

‘Little Green (opens in new tab) Hydrated Lime Dark Cabinets and Silestone (opens in new tab) Blanco Zeus countertops create an airy feel in this kitchen. Antique bronze handle from Buster & Punch (opens in new tab) Helps ground the design, creating an interesting contrast with the smooth white surface.Big Central Island painted by Benjamin Moore (opens in new tab) “Midnight” also helps to offset the crisp color palette without compromising the spacious, bright space.

2. Introduce open shelves to display modern ceramics

Wooden open shelf with ceramics and plates

(Image credit: High Walker Duncalf)

Farmhouse decorating ideas rely heavily on display.

‘Kitchen storage is key, however, wall-to-wall cabinets often look bulky and make the space feel enclosed. Open kitchen shelving is a great solution – not only does it provide more storage space, it also allows you to display their collection of pottery, ceramics and art. Creating a space to display ornaments helps personalize a space that often feels very functional.

“In this kitchen, we chose golden wood shelving to complement the ceiling. The owners displayed a range of contemporary ceramics and tableware to make this classic kitchen feel even more contemporary. This display can also change over time, helping to keep the space fresh.

black window frame on the door, blue kitchen island

(Image credit: High Walker Duncalf)

If you’re looking for more modern farmhouse ideas, you can introduce them with modern materials through Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Ideas and Hardware.

‘Good kitchen lighting is essential to creating the perfect ambience. In this kitchen, the client opted for industrial-style spotlights that, while functional, serve an aesthetic purpose by bringing a modern twist to a classic design.

“The dark metal in the light fixtures echoes the black door frames. These rough industrial materials are offset by natural stone, wood details and calm white walls for a soft feel.

4. Place light wood slats on the ceiling for character

wood ceiling, black chandelier

(Image credit: High Walker Duncalf)

“Ceilings are often overlooked when designing a room. With that in mind, this can be an opportunity to do something unexpected. However, kitchens can feel functional and cold, introducing clever kitchen ceiling ideas such as shallow Stained wood slats are a clever way to add warmth and create interesting features.

‘In addition to providing a rustic charm, the planks also contribute to the acoustics of the kitchen. Kitchens have lots of hard surfaces—stone, tile, metal appliances—that can create an unwelcome echo. It’s important to consider ways you can address this situation, such as incorporating wood and soft furnishings that help absorb sound.

‘The light wood in the slate is reflected on the wooden shelves, helping to integrate the two design elements. The combination of materials helps create a fresh Scandinavian style that is both stylish and timeless.

5. Put LED lighting inside the cabinet to create ambience

Shelf lighting in cabinets, dark framed doors

(Image credit: High Walker Duncalf)

“The function of LED lighting in the cabinets is mainly to make life easier when searching for items in the cabinets, but it also helps to create the atmosphere. When inviting guests to dinner, the ceiling lights can be dimmed for a warm glow inside the cabinets .

“LEDs are also great for those who want to illuminate their collection of beautiful glassware!”

6. Choose an open layout for entertaining

Black oven with white splashback

(Image credit: High Walker Duncalf)

Open kitchens always benefit from having a farmhouse kitchen island at their core, but with function and form in mind.

“This kitchen needs to be a working kitchen for the client, but also for any future occupants. Multiple cooking areas, a separate beverage fridge and breakfast area, two sinks for the main dishwashing area, and another on the island Prep sinks, all designed to function well for busy families and entertaining guests.

‘The central island helps to create flow around the space, while providing bar seating for guests to chat with the host while food is being prepared and cooked. The space around the island is ample enough to allow several people to move around the kitchen without difficulty.

‘SubZero refrigerators, freezers and wine coolers can be found on the back wall away from the cooking area so guests can drink their own water without disturbing the chef. On the adjoining wall, a free-standing bi-folding breakfast cabinet hides practical gadgets and appliances out of sight, but opens up to create a beautiful oak contrast.

‘Every element of this kitchen is a feature. For example, the main façade showcases the Aga, with symmetrical cabinetry and a simple modern mantelpiece – a beautiful focal point for those sitting on the island.

7. Mix Cabinet Styles to Create Interest

Grey cabinets and kitchen island, dark blue kitchen island base and door

(Image credit: High Walker Duncalf)

When browsing kitchen cabinet styles, consider: Two-tone kitchen.

“Mixing and matching colours, styles and textures in the kitchen used to be frowned upon. Now, creating a balanced scheme by combining contrasting design elements is required. This means the options are (relatively) limitless, opening up a A world of choice that leads to more adventure and personalized designs.

“This kitchen exemplifies what many clients have asked for from a classic Shaker kitchen in a modern style. The combination of two cabinet styles – classic and classic contemporary – adds a touch of unexpectedness, while clean lines, symmetry and an elegant palette The use of , helps keep the design from getting too busy.

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