6 Sustainable Couches That Are Seriously Comfy

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Iit’s that time again. Maybe you just moved and you need a new sofa for your space. Maybe your current couch is sagging a little bit too much in the middle, or a mysterious (and of course, seemingly uncleanable) stain has appeared on the side. Or maybe you just want to treat yourself to a new, comfy centerpiece for your living room. Whatever the reason, it’s time for a new sofa.

With a big investment like a new couch, you want to make sure it checks all your must-have boxes: comfortable, stylish, easy to clean, and made from materials that will help—not hurt—the planet. Throw quality-made and affordable into the mix and it might start to seem impossible that you’ll find options for sustainable couches that will meet all your criteria.

Helping people check all those boxes was the ethos behind the launch of Designer Looks Furniture’s new Eco-Performance fabrics made from REPREVE fibers, which are created from landfill-bound plastic bottles and used to cover the brand’s signature style of built-to-last, designer furniture without the designer prices. (PS Lots of the sectionals are lookalikes for popular sofas at high-end retailers, but made from sustainable materials for a fraction of the cost.)

“REPREVE collects and retrieves plastic bottles from landfills and from waste areas all over the world and then cuts [them] up into small plastic flakes,” says upholstery merchant Rachel Anderson. “These plastic flakes are then processed, melted, and formed into resin, which is then re-melted in a secondary process to create fiber that will then be spun into yarn.”

This yarn is used in at least 30 percent of the fabrics used in the Make-It-You Eco-Performance collection, Anderson says, which means a three-piece sectional is responsible for upcycling up to 319 plastic bottles.

Plus, Anderson notes that the collection contains more than 20 stain-resistant, eco-friendly fabrics to choose from, so it’s easy to find a texture, color, and design that will fit your decorating aesthetic, no matter which style boxes are on your checklist.

Scroll down for 6 sustainable couches you’ll want to add to your living room ASAP.

Plush 5-Piece Sectional in Liv Arctic, Basket Weave Eco-Performance — $4,800.00

If your idea of ​​a perfect day is sinking into a squishy sofa and cocooning yourself in a blanket with a good book or a rom-com, this lounge-y sectional is for you. The style is reminiscent of the iconic cloud couch (sustainable dupe? Yes please!), while the moisture-repelling, eco-performance fabric makes it easy to clean so you don’t need to worry about dropping crumbs during your movie marathon.

Jasper 2-Piece Sectional in Argo Tropic, Velvet Eco-Performance — $2,160.00

This simple-yet-classic sectional is the perfect pop of color in any small to mid-sized space. Not only can you decide if you want it oriented right- or left-facing, but there are also two cushion options: foam comfort for medium support or hybrid comfort for a soft, memory foam feel. Either way, this sofa will retain its sleek shape after sitting (which means no sagging in sight).

Bowery Chair and a Half in Sublime Cream, Corduroy Eco-Performance — $960.00

After a long day, can you think of anything better than flopping into this thickly cushioned chair? This gorgeous seat will give your space the refresh you’ve been looking for, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that it’s made with up to 65 recycled plastic bottles, making your relaxation time work double time.

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